Defiance Weapon Analysis: Assault Rifles

One of the most popular and effective weapon types found within the Defiance game is the assault rifle. These weapons are useful in a variety of close to mid-range battles, have quick reload speeds, and come handy in nearly every game mode. There are several different types of ARs in the game. Players can both loot and purchase these weapons at higher levels, some will have synergy bonuses, others won’t.

Defiance Assault Rifles

Examples of Assault Rifles

The assault rifle can be found in a few different forms in Defiance. Some are human-based weaponry while others are Votan models. Here is a short list of a few that exist in-game:

  • AR-216 Gladiator
  • Ares FMR-3000
  • Assault Carbine
  • Blast Rifle
  • EMC Service Rifle
  • Frontier Battle Rifle
  • VBI Assault Rifle
  • Votan Blast Rifle
  • VOT Mazu Blast Rifle

Basic Stats of ARs

These weapons generally have decent starting stats. A select few have low damage output but most are within the 200-400 dmg range. A lot of these guns are fully automatic but there are a couple semi-automatic models, too. The full auto ARs usually have a fire rate between 12 and 15 while the semi-autos have a fire rate around 9.

Most assault rifles have a maximum magazine capacity of 30-50. They also have a moderate to severe recoil (depending on whether or not the gun is fully automatic, guns with higher rates of fire will have more recoil than those that don’t). Most ARs also have a critical hit multiplier of 1.5 or 1.7, although a couple do have a bit less than that. This means they will deal 50 to 70 percent more damage when bullets hit enemy weak spots.

Tips for Using ARs

In most cases, assault rifles in Defiance are best used for short or medium range combat. They are generally meant to be precision weapons so aiming for the head and/or weak areas of enemies is a crucial tactic when using them. While ARs are pretty effective in PvE they are not always the best choice for PvP. On small maps such as Waterfront or Observatory it’ll be better to use something like a shotgun or SMG. Save using your assault rifle for longer range maps such as Freight Yard or while playing in Plague sieges.

Some of the best ARs in the game include the Heavy Assault Carbine and the EMC Service Rifle. These have great stats on them especially when you come across either a purple (epic) or orange (legendary) one. With the right mods and, if you’re lucky, synergy bonuses, these are incredibly powerful guns.

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