Defiance Overview and Guide to Shadow Wars PvP

Shadow Wars is one of the competitive multiplayer components found within the Defiance game. Unlike Team Deathmatch, though, it focuses heavily on objective-based gameplay. In this gametype teams will face off against one another for control over objective points. The map is built around the already familiar PvE territory making it even more interesting because AI enemies are able to pop-up and attack players in the midst of battle, too.

Defiance Shadow War
How to Join a Shadow War

Defiance Entering a Shadow War
To get a spot in an upcoming match simply bring up the multiplayer options menu and click on Matchmaking, then click Shadow War Quick Match. Your player will be added to a queue. During this time you can do other things like work on missions, take on a challenge, or whatever else you please. As soon as the match has been developed, you’ll be put into the instance with the other matched players.

How to Play

While you still earn points toward your own personal performance by getting kills the primary objective in a Shadow War is to capture the objective points. These are shown in-game with large letters atop their position. When the game begins there will be 3 capture points: A, B, and C, but if more players join the session you could see new points pop up such as D, E, F, and G.

To capture a point all you need to do is get to it and be around it. If, however, enemy players are present the objective will stay in a contested state until you have killed them. The longer you can hold down an objective, the better. For each held objective point your team will receive increments of 10 points throughout the match.

To win, a team must either obtain the highest score possible (this is scaled based on how many players are in a match) or by having the highest score when time is up. Each match has a maximum length of 20 minutes.

Shadow War Gameplay Tips

1. Watch for Invisible Foes

While they can be extremely difficult to see, if you pay close enough attention you CAN notice players running around while using their Cloak EGO power. Because of how effective it is in PvP, it is used a lot in Shadow War. It can be really annoying getting sniped in the face across map by a cloaked player but if you keep a keen eye on the scenery you will notice a somewhat odd outline moving about.

2. Alternate Loadouts

If you find yourself dying often or running out of ammo rather quickly, make use of a few different loadouts. Some of the best options for SW are shotguns, rocket launchers, and grenade launchers. Fire at opponents from a distance with a high-powered launcher and you’ll quickly and easily dispose of them. Shotguns are great for running in close and popping slugs into enemies, dropping them fast.

3. Play the Objective

Find a spot in or nearby a hot objective point (one that’s being captured or contested often) and pop off enemies that approach. If you’re looking to really contribute to your team’s score and top the leaderboards, let enemy players capture the objective then immediately kill them and re-capture the point for your team. This will help you earn tons of points for your team and for your own personal performance on the leaderboards.

4. Watch Out for Vehicles

Unfortunately, vehicles are a common sight in these PvP battles. And they are given a bit too much strength. A solid ram from a vehicle into your player can result in a 1 hit kill. If not, you’ll be stunned long enough for your opponent to quickly finish you off with gun fire. If you see an enemy vehicle approaching, get ready to roll or jump out of the way fast.

Rewards for Playing

For each completed match in Shadow War you will receive a few rewards. These mostly consist of a healthy portion of experience (XP), a few keycodes (which can be used to purchase lock boxes), and a bit of progression on certain goals within pursuits related to competitive multiplayer. Unfortunately, you don’t really receive a lot of XP or anything else by playing this. If you’re trying to level up your EGO rating, earn Scrip, or rack up more keycodes to hopefully get some rare rewards from lock boxes, you’re better off playing through missions and Arkfalls, honestly.

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