Defiance Guide to The Plague and New Siege Gametype

Trion Worlds has added a bit of interesting, new content to the Defiance MMO called The Plague. This content adds new pursuits, events, and emergencies for players to partake in. The main thing is the addition of sieges. Sieges are somewhat like Arkfalls, as they are random events that occur in the world. Players have to fight their way through hordes of the infected (which are essentially zombies) to capture objectives and help Eren find a cure.

Defiance The Plague Sieges
Sieges work in a similar fashion as Shadow War. There are objective points that players will need to capture to earn points. To capture an objective (labeled as A, B, and C) you have to destroy the “infectious growths” which cover the vaccine synthesizers that need to be activated in order to take the objective for the group. The game is basically a horde mode with your objective being to hold down and protect the cap points.

The afflicted are a new enemy type players will have to kill. As we mentioned above, they are basically zombies. They do have different classes, though. Some only perform melee attacks while others can spit blood that deals damage and makes your player slower.

NOTE: You can find sieges by going to your map and looking for the large, blue, shield-like icon.

How Sieges Work

Sieges have multiple stages. The beginning stages are pretty simple and the Afflicted are basic classes. But as the game progresses into later stages, more classes will emerge and the enemies become a bit more difficult. Each stage spawns new waves of the Afflicted and other enemies. Some of the zombie classes are larger, have more health, and deal more damage. During some stages you will also face off against Raider Hulkers (the big guys that usually take a few players to take down). After each stage you’ll earn a bit of XP and a small helping of Scrip. Don’t worry, you still earn a good amount of XP, Scrip, and Ark Salvage for getting kills, too.

Length and Rewards

Each siege lasts approximately 15 minutes, is 10 stages long, and is basically a long grind-fest of killing wave after wave of the Afflicted and Hulkers. Once the siege is complete you’ll be rewarded handsomely with some Scrip, a ton of experience points, some key codes and some pretty decent loot which usually consists of higher level weapons, grenades, and shields (usually blues or purples, but you may get shafted and get a green here and there).

Overall, this is a great and welcome addition to the game. It was getting a bit tiresome doing the same Arkfalls over and over again, so sieges are a pretty refreshing, new gametype to try out. Here’s a video of a siege gameplay:

There are also new pursuits and emergencies available for players to complete. Here are the details on them from the official site:


Those poor souls that have reached phase 4 of the outbreak are beyond saving. These people must be put down.

– Hunt down afflicted in each region of Paradise.
– Reward: Med Tech Buggy

Curing the Masses
Eren NiDen has discovered a cure for those which have not yet progressed to phase 4 of the outbreak. The vaccine synthesizers must be protected, or Paradise will fall before the whole world is consumed.

– Complete vaccine synthesizer sieges.
– Reward: Special Bio grenade “Biocharge Ex-12X”


– Internment Camp: Help some ER soldiers regain control when some over zealous rebels attempt to liberate their plague infected loved ones.
- Triage Center: Defend a makeshift medical center as it gets over run by the Afflicted.
– E-Rep Soldier Camp: Join in the fight as ER Soldiers try to defend their camp and their lives from the unceasing attacks of the Afflicted
– Dark Matter Outpost: No one is safe from this plague, not even the Dark Matter. Witness one of their camps being attacked.
– Checkpoint Troubles: Help a lone surviving Echelon soldier fight off the Afflicted that are attacking her checkpoint station.
– Gridlock: A stretch of road filled with wrecked cars holds a deadly surprise for any Ark Hunter foolish enough to go exploring.
– Car Trouble: A pair of Ranchers attempted to clear the road and got caught in an Afflicted Ambush. It’s up to the player to save the day.
– Spreading the Disease: The player gets to witness first hand what happens when plague infected Raiders bring the disease into some of their drill machines. It’s not pretty.

Source: [Defiance Community]

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