Trion Vows to Greatly Improve the Defiance Game

Trion to Improve Defiance

Aside from the recent release of the Castithan DLC we haven’t really heard anything exciting about Defiance in a while. But just a couple days ago Trick Dempsey, the creative lead for Trion’s development studio that’s working on Defiance, took to the official blog and gave players an update via a state of the game address.


In the state of the game address Dempsey promised to the community that the team would be working hard to make great improvements and further progress in Defiance including focusing on a few key components of the game:

  • Weapons
  • Shields
  • Inventory
  • Social Aspects
  • User Interface


Dempsey stated that the team would be working on further balancing the power of weapons within the game and also improving the overall power and enjoyment players will get when they finally get a rare weapon (epic or legendary).


The Trion creative lead also went on to say that he and the other developers will be working to improve the different shields found in Defiance. He said they wanted to balance them and give each type it’s own edge. He also said that certain types of shields, such as the Ironclad class, will be receiving buffs to greatly improve their efficiency.


The player inventory system is a cluttered mess that has a bit too much in some respects and not enough space for many avid players. Dempsey vowed to improve the inventory to make it much easier and faster to navigate.

Social Aspects

We all know that Defiance has one of the worst chat systems known to man. Whether it’s on PC or consoles the voice and in-game chat are difficult to use to say the least. Many players are still confused about how to even type in the chat window on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions of the game. Dempsey owned up to the fact that the system is far from perfect and said his team will definitely be working to improve the social system greatly.

User Interface & Help

Another thing Defiance falls flat on its face in is providing clear instructions or helpful hints to players trying to figure out where to go for a quest or even make a simple change to loadout or apply a mod to a weapon. Dempsey admits that the system is greatly flawed and is on the priority list for improvements.

Other Details

Dempsey also dropped a bit of information about Defiance’s second DLC. He said that players will get a preview of the new content at PAX and that the new DLC will include even more arkfalls, more bosses, and new “power-ups” which are called spikes and stims. We’ll provide more info related to the new DLC once we get it.

Our Opinions

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard from the development team that they are hard at work trying to “improve” the game to match fan standards. Trion has said similar things in the past and really hasn’t come through. Its also become painfully obvious after the recent studio closings that the company isn’t making a ton of money on Defiance. This typically leads to less development and focus on future titles rather than fixing current ones.

So… will Trion really pull through and make the game better? It’s hard to say. It’s going to take a lot of work and there are other big games coming out soon that may take even more of Defiance’s playerbase away (GTA 5, Call of Duty Ghosts, and Battlefield 4 are all about to release rather soon) which could lead to even less motivation for the team to make due on improvements.

Only time will tell if Trion Worlds can manage to pull Defiance up from its steep fall and put it back on solid ground.

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