New Volge-Based Cold Fire Weapons Coming to Defiance

Not long ago we broke the news that the next DLC installment for Defiance, Arkbreaker, would be releasing sometime this month. As the launch date draws closer more details are being leaked about the DLC. Today it was announced that new Volge weaponry, referred to as Cold Fire weapons, would be included in the new content.

The Cold Fire weapons are plasma-based and come directly from the Volge race. They will come in several varieties including snipers, assault rifles, and pistols. There are also 20 other new weapons that will be added to the game once Arkbreaker is released but those are different.

A few examples of the Cold Fire arms include:

  • Volge Lightning Rifle
  • Volge Thunderer Pistol
  • Volge Typhoon AR

Volge Lightning Rifle

Defiance Volge Lightning Rifle


According to the little details that Trion have leaked it sounds like the lightning rifle will act as a fully automatic gun with a very high firing rate. It shoots out cold fire warheads extremely fast.

Volge Thunderer Pistol

Defiance Volge Thunderer Pistol


The Thunderer pistol also fires warheads but instead of doing instant damage they dig deep into the target and then explode after a short time causing serious damage. It sounds like this pistol will be capable of dealing out a lot of heavy damage which will be great for close encounters or when your ammo runs low and you need to swap to a secondary to quickly finish a kill.

Volge Typhoon AR

Defiance Volge Typhoon AR


This is a precision based assault rifle. It fires out warheads in 2 round bursts that explode as soon as they hit their target. Based on what little info we have on it it sounds like this will be a heavy hitting AR that will fit well into the Defiance universe.

These are just 3 examples of the Cold Fire weapons that are set to appear in Defiance on December 10th with the release of the Arkbreaker DLC. Stay tuned for more news, tips, and guides right here!

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