EA Stock Prices Drop After Delaying DICE Projects

Just yesterday we reported that Electronic Arts forced DICE to stop work on future projects and focus on fixing Battlefield 4. While that announcement is music to the ears of frustrated gamers it is a disappointing, unsettling move in the eyes of investors. After EA made the delays public knowledge the company’s stock dropped in value by 7.5%. It isn’t a huge loss, but it’s a loss nonetheless.

Stock Price Drop

According to market analysts Battlefield 4 (along with its premium upsell) isn’t selling as well as planned. Poor reviews and word-of-mouth complaints from gamers that already own the game have stunted the sales of the title. At this point in time it is assumed that Electronic Arts may not reach their quarterly forecast in December.

With the slow sales and delayed progress of future games EA could see a major loss and stockholders may sell off their holdings due to the grim outlook of the company.

Hopefully we’ll see DICE make huge improvements to BF4 in the very near future so the game can become more attractive to new consumers and so EA will lift delays on the development of future DLC as well as the development of new titles.

So was the move to halt future projects a smart one? Battlefield 4 definitely needs to be fixed to save the brand from failing but it seems the announcement is causing both DICE and EA a lot of headaches.

Source: [SeekingAlpha]

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