Defiance Players in Uproar Over Missing DLC Items

We’re all used to game launches having their issues by now but problems don’t usually arise from a simple DLC release for most games. Unfortunately, Defiance has had its share of troubles with the recent release of the Castithan Charge Pack. A lot of players are making quite fuss on the official forums and across the web about not receiving items or access to the new content after purchasing and downloading the DLC.

Defiance Castithan DLC Issues

Community Coordinator, Morgana, posted a thread on the Defiance forums Wednesday night stating that the Trion Worlds development team had almost eliminated the issue on PC and Xbox 360 but are still facing the occasional missing content ordeal on the PS3. But Morgana did provide a bit of info regarding what players can do to (hopefully) make sure they receive the new DLC items and content:

For it to trigger, please log out of both the game and patcher entirely, then log back in. The items should then be available for you to claim.

If you still do not receive your DLC items, please do send your details to, where they can perform a deeper investigation into your account.

I know there are other issues still ongoing, and we are still assessing and compiling them all.

The Defiance video game has seen many ups and downs since its release in April with glitches and random problems in-game. The development team has managed to get most of the problems under control and it is assumed that Trion will be working out the kinks in the DLC delivery as well.

For more information about these problems you can refer to the now 21 page thread about the DLC delivery issues on the official Defiance forums.

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