Defiance Launches Recruit-A-Friend Rewards Program

In most cases, the average gamer will recommend a game to their friends IF they believe the game is worth it. This word-of-mouth style marketing is absolutely essential to the success of games that aren’t part of a major franchise (such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, or the Elder Scrolls titles). Trion Worlds is taking that marketing style and putting a twist on it by introducing a recruit-a-friend rewards program for players of Defiance.

Defiance Recruit a Friend Program

The process is actually pretty simply. All that is required is that you own a copy of the Defiance video game (doesn’t matter what platform), have an account on the Trion Worlds’ website (if you’re an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 player your account must be linked to your console), and to suggest the game to your friends and family.

Once you’ve established that criteria you simply need to head over to the referral page found here > (you must be logged in to use it). On that page you’ll be given the option to email invites, post them on Facebook, send out a Tweet inviting gamers, or use a special direct link to refer gamers to Defiance.

As a current player you’ll receive special rewards for sending out invites and even better rewards if your friends/acquaintances actually buy the game and log in. Heck, if your friends are PC players, they’ll even get 30% off the game’s price by using your referral link.

Here are the official rules from the Defiance site:

If you have a hard time reading the image above, simply click on it and it will get bigger.

Rewards for inviting gamers to join the Defiance game include new in-game titles, lock boxes, inventory slot expansions, new character outfits, an exclusive Nomad Truck, and more. It’s a very straightforward process and is great incentive for current players to refer the game to their friends across social media and other avenues.

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