Defiance Bonus Loot Weekend Starts Tomorrow

Want to fill your inventory with a lot more epic and legendary gear? Or maybe you’d just like to rack up gear to break down into salvage to spend on key codes to buy lock boxes with? Either way, this weekend is a treat for all Defiance players. Starting tomorrow, Friday, May 31st, at 12pm PT and running through Monday, June 3rd (12pm PT) players will have a 25% higher chance of looting weapons, mods, shields, and grenades when they complete in-game events such as Arkfalls, missions, co-op maps, emergencies, and other gametypes.

Defiance Bonus Loot Weekend

So if you’re looking to score some more sweet gear or just want some loot that you can convert to Scrip or Ark Salvage, be sure to log a lot of hours in Defiance this weekend. These bonus loot events don’t happen often so take advantage of them while they’re around. So whether you are hoping to loot the rarest guns, shields, or ‘nades in the game, or you just want to earn a ton of Scrip to spend or Ark Salvage to buy coveted key codes with, get out there and tear up some Arkfalls and missions!

Source: [Defiance Community News]

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