Defiance ArkBreaker DLC Pack Announced for December

As unfortunate as it is, there hasn’t been much to talk about regarding the Defiance video game as of late. But just a few days ago Trion Worlds popped the dull bubble and announced the game’s 2nd content add-on. The ArkBreaker DLC Pack is due to be released in December on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC platforms.

While this is an exciting announcement it is also one that lacks detail. The announcement gave no information about what the new content would include, an exact date, or even a broad summary. Trion simply stated the DLC should be expected to come out in December and that it’d be across all platforms.

Defiance ArkBreaker DLC

The last downloadable content released for Defiance was the Castithan Charge Pack which included new story missions, the new charged weapons, and, of course, the Castithan race available for character customization. Other than that the game content has remained basically the same since Defiance’s launch back in April.

Trion Worlds had promised season pass holders that there would be a total of 5 DLC packs available for the game within the first year of its release. Currently the developers are putting out new DLC every 3-4 months. Considering this is only the 2nd pack and it doesn’t release until the end of the year one would have to believe that Trion will be picking up the pace in 2014 to make good on their promise of content.

Will the new content help breathe new life into the game? Will gamers actually come back to play it when games like Grand Theft Auto 5, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and Battlefield 4 will all be out by the time the ArkBreaker DLC is released? Let us know what you think below!

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