How to Level Up Fast in CoD: Ghosts Multiplayer

Ranking up in Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer can be a bit of a pain. It’s a bit slow compared to some of the other CoD titles. Plus there are 60 levels you have to push through and 10 prestige levels on top of that. In order to reach the highest prestige in the game you’re going to have to put some effort into it.

How to Level Up Fast in CoD Ghosts

Believe it or not, there are a few methods of earning experience that are a bit quicker than others. If you’re really looking to reach the max level in as little time as possible you need to be playing specific gametypes and completing special challenges in-game to make it happen. Below we’ve outlined some of the fastest ways to earn XP in CoD: Ghosts.

Playing the Right Gametypes

While Team Deathmatch is definitely a classic and fan-favorite gametype, it isn’t the best for earning XP. You’re bound by a kill limit and don’t earn much XP doing anything else. But other modes, such as the new Search & Rescue or Kill Confirmed, are great alternatives that net good amounts of experience per game.

CoD Ghosts Gametypes

Search & Rescue (abbreviated as S&R) is a combination of Kill Confirmed and Search & Destroy. The great thing about it is that you have multiple ways to earn XP. You get XP for taking out enemies, collecting the dog tags of killed opponents, and for arming or disarming the bomb. If you’re a decent player this can rack up very quickly.

Kill Confirmed, on the other hand, is identical to TDM except you also have to grab the dog tags of players you kill for them to count toward your team’s overall kill count. This is another gametype where you can earn experience multiple ways: getting kills, confirming kills, and denying kills.

Even playing various gametypes in the Squads mode can be much more beneficial than TDM. So, in other words, if you’re not already doing so, branch out and play a variety of objective-based modes. They often lead to fast XP in Call of Duty Ghosts.

Completing Operations

Operations are basically the same thing as the “challenges” found in nearly every other Call of Duty game. They consist of tasks like getting X amount of kills with a specific weapon, winning a certain number of matches in gametypes, earning X amount of a specific killstreak, and so on.

CoD Ghosts Operations


Most Operations are pretty easy to complete. In fact a lot of them you’ll complete naturally just by playing the game. But if you focus on them and complete them all you’ll earn a ton of bonus XP in Ghosts. The Operations change every 2 weeks so be sure to keep up with your progress on each one and complete them before the deadline is up.

Completing Field Orders

Field Orders are available in nearly every match you play in any gametype. They are given to you in the form of blue suitcases that pop up after killing an enemy. Completing these in-game will not only reward you with a care package to get a handy killstreak, but they also provide you with extra experience every time you complete one.

CoD Ghosts Field Orders

These can be tricky, though. Sometimes just grabbing the case for the Field Orders is task in itself. If you’ve taken out an enemy from a distance and are running up to grab the case you’ll have to keep an eye out for enemies that are watching it. Plus the orders themselves can be a bit difficult sometimes.

They often require you complete tasks such as getting 3 kills without killstreaks, eliminating enemies using only your knife, or getting headshots. Field Orders must be completed before your next death or you will fail them. But, again, they are great for earning extra XP if you can manage to do them.


Leveling up in Ghosts is going to take some time but if you consistently play well in objective games and work on the different operations that are available every 2 weeks you can easily and quickly reach the highest prestige in the game.

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