Halo 4 Achievements List and Guide

Halo 4 currently has a total of 57 achievements to unlock that are worth a grand total of 1,250 gamerscore (the stock game with no DLC). Below we have listed each of the achievements along with a short guide to getting them. A large portion of the achievements can be unlocked naturally while progressing through the game’s campaign but others require a bit of strategy and know-how to obtain.

NOTE: DLC achievements are listed below the general achievements list.

Halo 4 Achievements List and Guide

Halo 4 Achievements List

Dawn – Complete the 1st mission of the campaign on any difficulty setting. Worth 10 gamerscore.

Requiem – Finish the 2nd mission of the H4 campaign on any difficulty setting. Worth 10 GS.

Forerunner – Finish the 3rd mission of the H4 campaign on any difficulty setting. Worth 10 GS.

Infinity – Finish the 4th mission of the campaign on any difficulty setting. Worth 10 GS.

Reclaimer – Finish the 5th mission of the campaign on any difficulty setting. Worth 10 GS.

Shutdown – Finish the 6th mission of the campaign on any difficulty setting. Worth 10 GS.

Composer – Finish the 7th mission of the campaign on any difficulty setting. Worth 10 GS.

Midnight – Finish the 8th mission of the campaign on any difficulty setting. Worth 10 GS.

Wake Up, John – Finish the entire H4 campaign on Normal or higher. Worth 20 GS.

I Need a Hero – Finish the entire campaign on the Heroic setting or higher. Worth 40 GS.

The Legend of 117 – Finish the entire campaign on Legendary. Worth 70 GS.

Lone Wolf Legend – Finish the entire campaign on Legendary difficulty by yourself. Worth 90 GS.

Skullduggery – Finish any of the campaign missions with at least 3 skulls active and on Heroic or higher difficulty. Worth 15 GS.

Bropocalypse – Finish any campaign mission while playing co-op on Heroic or higher. Worth 10 GS.

Contact the Domain – Find a terminal location in any part of campaign. Worth 10 GS.

Terminus – Discover the locations of all terminals in the campaign. Worth 50 GS. (NOTE: We will be posting an article soon that will reveal all of the Halo 4 terminal locations)

Digging Up the Past – Locate and access Master Chief’s record during the 1st mission of campaign. This is done right at the very beginning of the mission. Once you’ve gotten past Cortana and are heading down the hall, instead of going straight ahead look to your left. You should notice a staircase that goes down.Walk down the stairs and into the room. On the dark , back wall you’ll see what looks like a computer terminal. Hold X on it to view the record and unlock the achievement. Worth 20 GS.

Midnight Launch – Get huge air while driving the Warthog in the 2nd mission at midnight. This one is one of the most awkward achievements to get. It requires messing with your actual console settings a bit. To get it, go into your Xbox 360 console settings and find the date and time section. Set the clock to about 11:55 p.m. then start up the game and select the 2nd mission. We say 11:55 p.m. to give you time to get the game loaded and get to a Warthog. Find a Warthog, wait until the system clock says 12:00 a.m. (just hit the middle button to check the time) and then drive over some of the big hills and mounds at full speed. This should trigger the achievement to unlock. It’s worth 20 GS.

This is My Rifle, This is My Gun – Use a UNSC weapon throughout the entire 3rd mission while playing on Heroic or higher difficulty. This may sound challenging simply because there are almost nothing but Forerunner weapons found throughout this mission but it’s actually very simple. You don’t have to use the UNSC weapon at all, it just has to be on you. So you can choose to keep something like the AR, DMR or Pistol as your secondary and just use Forerunner primary weapons the entire mission. This will still unlock the achievement which is worth 20 GS.

Bros to the Close – Finish the entire 4th mission without having a Marine dying that wasn’t preventable while playing on Heroic or higher difficulty setting. This one is a bit tricky but also a bit misleading. You CAN start this mission at the Bravo point instead of Alpha and still get the achievement. It’s much easier to do this on co-op but the whole point is to keep the marines alive. To do this, guard them with your life and try to take as much of the fire away from them as possible. Draw enemies to fire at you rather than your Marines. The Marines SUCK and WILL die easily if you don’t keep an eye on them. There are a total of 6. You start with 2 and pick up 4 later on. Worth 20 GS.

Mortardom – During the 5th mission of campaign, hijack a Wraith and destroy 4 enemy Wraiths while playing on Heroic or higher difficulty setting. Pretty simple. To get a Wraith simply use a BR or DMR to kill of the turret gunner, then hop in the turret. The enemy Wraith driver will get out of the vehicle. Kill him then enter the driver position of the Wraith and destroy 4 nearby enemy Wraiths. This unlocks the achievement that is worth 20 GS.

Explore the Floor – Trick or force a Hunter to fall to its death while playing the 6th mission of campaign. This is done easily by using one of the jetpacks located on the pelican after the 3rd tower in the mission Shutdown. Pick up a jetpack and once you’re at the platform stay along the edges of it. Let the Hunters come to you and when they charge or rush to attack simply fly straight up into the air and watch as they fall off the platform to their death as you safely float back down. Worth 20 GS.

Give Him the Stick – Kill both Hunters found in the 7th mission with just one Sticky Detonator. To do this you’ll want to first weaken the Hunters a bit with normal shots. Then grab a Sticky Detonator from the weapons cabinet. Place the sticky on one of the Hunters and then position yourself so that both of them charge at you and are very close to one another. Once they are basically side-by-side hit the detonator and watch both Hunters drop from the explosion. This will unlock the achievement which will grant you 20 gamerscore.

Chief, Smash! – Using the Gravity Hammer, kill 3 Crawlers with one hit while playing the 8th mission of campaign. Use the portals until you reach an area where there are 4 different weapons to choose from. Pick up the Gravity Hammer and put it away as your secondary. Fight your way through the mission till you reach the part where you need to defend the area. Here you’ll see Crawlers start coming in large packs. Swap to your Gravity Hammer and use a well-timed hit to smash 3 at the same time. This will give you the achievement which is worth 20 GS.

Not Some Recruit Anymore – Reach the rank of SR-5. Worth 15 GS.

Movin’ On Up – Reach the rank of SR-20. Worth 25 GS.

I <3 Red vs Blue – Win 5 matches in War Games. Worth 15 GS.

Hanging on the Combat Deck – Win 20 matches in War Games. Worth 30 GS.

Operation Completion – Play and finish any Spartan Ops mission on any difficulty setting. Worth 15 GS.

A Legendary Episode – Finish every chapter of the 1st episode of Spartan Ops while playing on Legendary. Worth 40 GS.

Dedicated to Crimson – Finish every chapter of the first 5 Spartan Ops episodes on any difficulty setting. Worth 80 GS.

Crimson Alone – Finish any chapter of any Spartan Ops mission playing alone on Legendary difficulty. Worth 20 GS. One of the easiest missions to do this on is the Sniper Alley one. You get unlimited lives so just keep going until you finish it to unlock the achievement.

Roses vs Violets – Find one of the Red vs Blue easter eggs while playing Spartan Ops. Worth 20 GS. One can be found in chapter 5, episode 1: The Cauldron. Play it on Easy difficulty and from the very beginning just through past all the bad guys. Once you get to one particular ledge you can look over the ledge, zoom in and see a small radio sitting on the rocks near the lava. Shooting it will make a sound and the achievement will unlock. Here’s a video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0C3R-5disyg

No One Left Behind – During the 3rd chapter of Spartan Ops Ep. 2, save 1 Marine while playing on Heroic difficulty or higher. Worth 20 GS. This one is best accomplished by playing co-op with other players. Have another player get a Marine into a Warthog and drive off to a secluded, safe location while the other players complete the mission. This way the Marine stays alive through the hordes of enemies found throughout this chapter of Spartan Ops.

Knight in White Assassination – Assassinate a Knight during any of the Spartan Ops missions. Worth 20 gamerscore. This is best done on a mission that you can get active camouflage on. Pick a mission, set it to easy and find a Knight. Make sure they don’t see you, activate your camo and sneak up behind them to perform the assassination. NOTE: You MUST do the entire assassination animation by holding the beat down button, not just tapping them on the back to assassinate them.

What Power Outage? – Finish all of chapter 4 of Spartan Ops Ep. 5 without losing a single generator and playing on Heroic or higher difficulty setting. Worth 20 GS. This is completed easiest while playing co-op. Both you and your partner player should get into a Mantis and defend a generator. This isn’t that difficult of an achievement to get.

No Easy Way Out – In Ep 5, chapter 1 of Spartan Ops, survive the entire enemy assault while defending on Normal or higher difficulty. NOTE: You CAN die. The survival is actually for the defensive points. At least 1 must not be destroyed. Also, many players have stated that this achievement only unlocks when playing on Heroic or higher. On another note, many players have also mentioned that this achievement is glitched and does not come up at all for them. DO NOT active the portal until the achievement is unlocked. Worth 20 GS.

The Challenged – Complete one challenge. Worth 10 gamerscore.

The Challenger – Finish 25 challenges. Worth 20 gamerscore.

Armorer – Change your character’s armor using the Spartan Armor Card. Worth 5 gamerscore.

Badge – Change your player emblem using the Spartan ID card. Worth 5 gamerscore.

PWND – Edit your service tag using the Spartan ID card. Worth 5 gamerscore.

What a Poser! – Change the pose your player is in on your Spartan ID card. Worth 5 gamerscore.

The Cartographer – Make your own custom map using Forge and save it. Worth 5 gamerscore.

Game Changer – Using War Games, make your own custom game type and save it. Worth 5 gamerscore.

Snapshot! – Using the Theater, save a screenshot from the game. Worth 5 GS.

The Director – Using Theater, simply save a video clip of your gameplay. Worth 5 GS.

Sharing is Caring – Simply upload a file to your file share. Worth 5 GS.

Bromageddon – Finish the entire campaign on co-op while playing on Heroic or higher difficulty settings. Worth 40 GS.

Crimson Map Pack DLC Achievements

The Crimson DLC pack added 8 new achievements that are worth 250 gamerscore overall. This DLC costs 800 Microsoft Points to purchase. Details of the achievements are listed below.

Now they Fly? – While playing on a Crimson multiplayer map in matchmaking, get a kill while airborne in a Warthog. The easiest way to do this is to be in the passenger seat and use a Rocket Launcher. Aim it to land near the feet of an enemy while airborne in the ‘hog. Can be a little tricky, but it can be accomplished. Worth 50 GS.

Size is Everything – In matchmaking on Crimson DLC maps, earn 20 kills using a Turret that is detached from its tripod. Worth 20 GS.

ODST – In matchmaking on Crimson DLC maps, kill a player while in mid-air from a Man Cannon. This one is also done easiest using a Rocket Launcher. Worth 30 GS.

Bigfoot – While playing matchmaking on Crimson maps, earn a total of 20 kills using only the Mantis’ foot stomp attack. Worth 20 GS.

David and Goliath – Simply board an enemy Mantis while in matchmaking on a Crimson DLC map. Worth 20 GS.

Pump Yer Brakes – In Crimson DLC matchmaking, be the player to deliver the final blow that kills a Mantis. Worth 40 GS.

Clay Pigeon – In Crimson DLC matchmaking, shoot and kill an enemy that is mid-air from using a Man Cannon. Worth 40 GS.

Special Delivery – In Crimson DLC matchmaking, kill an enemy player using a beat down while landing from a Man Cannon. Worth 30 GS. This one will more than likely take many, many attempts. You will need to land directly on top of or right next to an enemy from the man cannon and beat them down to unlock this achievement.

This page will be edited to include achievements of all future DLC packs that come to Halo 4. Hope the mini-guide for each achievement above helped someone out.

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