Defiance Weapon Analysis: Sniper Rifles

If you have a long range target then what you need to use are sniper rifles in Defiance. They are designed to be a single shot weapon where you specifically target enemy weak points such as the head which can cause critical amounts of damage. Although, once you have a sniper rifle equipped you should make sure that there aren’t any enemies in close proximity as the slow-firing weapon will make it very hard to defend yourself in close combat.

Defiance Sniper Rifles

About Snipers

There are two main types of sniper rifles in Defiance which are manual bolt action rifles which are slow at firing and need to be reloaded after each shot but carry a more powerful shot and semi-automatic sniper rifles which allow you to continuously shoot without having to re-target the enemy after each shot.

Weapon Strategies

The bolt action rifles are best used when there are limited amounts of high powered enemies that only take a few shots to take them down. However, the semi-automatic sniper rifles are best used when there are a mass of low powered enemies that require many shots and where is it significantly advantageous to stay zoomed in. The semi-automatic rifle also allows you to shoot at a significantly faster rate although is not as powerful as the bolt action sniper rifle.

Bolt action sniper rifles include:

  • BAS-7 Derailer
  • Deadbolt
  • EMC Sniper Rifle
  • FRC Bolt Action Repeater
  • Frontier Repeater
  • Survivalist’s Rifle
  • VBI BAS-7 Derailer
  • VBI High Tech AntiVeh Bolt White
  • VBI Sniper Rifle
  • VOT Meteor Bolter

Perks and Weapon Bonuses

There are also perks that you obtain after you level up with the bolt-action rifles. After each level you generate a +2.0% fire rate and specifically after level you get a -1.0% reload speed, level 2 you grt a +1.0% crit ability and after level 3 you get -5.0% recoil. You can also get charge sniper rifles in this bolt action category which is a designed to reward patience and allow you to change your shots within a few seconds of being zoomed in. This can allow you to generate even more damage on targets, although also reduced the fire fate as you have to wait until they are fully charged after each shot.

Semi-Auto sniper rifles include:

  • Semi-Automatic Repeater
  • VBI Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle
  • Votan Auto-Bolter

These allow you to send many shots towards a long distance target and after level 1 you can decrease your reload speed by -1.0%. These are the preferred weapon that are used by Ark Hunters so they can continually adjust to changing circumstances.

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