Defiance Weapon Analysis: Bio-Magnetic Guns (BMGs)

Bio-Magnetic guns or, as they are more commonly referred to as, BMGs, are one of the Votan weapon types found in the Defiance game. This is a very science-fiction, futuristic weapon. What it does is tap into your Ark Hunter’s DNA and uses it to form a field of electricity. It then directs this charge outward toward enemies or friendly players. If targeting enemies it will siphon life from them but if targeting friendlies it will heal them.

Defiance Bio Magnetic Guns

Almost all of the BMGs within Defiance have basically the same stats with the exception of 2. Leveling up the BMG skill is one of the hardest weapon types to do. But it is possible. The easiest thing to do is setup a build with 2 different BMGs (one for your primary, one for secondary) and go into co-op maps. Do not focus on healing as it will level the weapon slowly, instead focus on going around dealing damage to any enemy you can.

It’s also recommended to use a perk called Preparedness which automatically reloads your stowed weapon over a bit of time (essentially giving you unlimited ammo for your BMGs). Once you max out the level on a specific BMG be sure to equip a different one or you won’t earn any experience for the weapon skill.

A few examples of Bio-Magnetic guns include:

  • Bionet X Mag Collider
  • EMC Collider
  • FRC Tele-Spanner
  • Max Coiler
  • Spanner Protector (best BMG for healing)
  • VBI High Tech Lightning Gun
  • VOT Spanner Protector
  • VOT Spanner Trapper

Another important note: you do NOT earn any weapon xp or skill xp using a BMG during Arkfall events, so be sure to avoid doing so as it will only be a huge waste of time. A player-favorite build involving this weapon usually consists of a BMG and Infector combination.

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  • Mike Hugh-jass

    You get weapon and skill xp during arc falls using a BMG. Give it a whirl.