Defiance Leveling Guide Reviews: Top 3 Guides Revealed

Why Get a Defiance Leveling Guide?

In most MMO games it can take ages to reach the level cap, get the best gear, and really have a solid build that performs well in PvE and in PvP matches, too. That truth is no different when it comes to Defiance. Reaching the highest EGO rating (currently capped at 5000) is an immense feat. It would take countless days of grinding Arkfalls, Sieges, and dynamic events to rack up enough experience to reach that ultimate level of 5000.

If you want to level up faster and learn the best strategies for raising your EGO rating, earning tons of Ark Salvage, how to farm key codes, how to create an insanely powerful EGO build, and more, you’ll definitely want to pick up a Defiance leveling guide. There are tons of them out there but only a handful are even worth getting. Below you’ll find our reviews of the top 3 guides based on quality of information, pricing, and more.

Our #1 Pick – Defiance Guru

Defiance Guru is one of the most well-developed, easy-to-follow guides available for the Defiance MMO. It comes with a very Defiance Guru Strategy Guidedetailed walkthrough of the entire story line of the game (the main missions), tips & tricks for increasing EGO rating incredibly fast, a huge set of loadouts & builds designed for both PvE & PvP domination, guides to earning massive amounts of Scrip (Ark Salvage and Key Codes, too)… and loads more.

Here’s a list of everything included:

  • Full Step-by-Step Missions Guide
  • Speed Leveling Guide for Boosting EGO Rating Fast
  • Currency Making Guide
  • Tons of Powerful EGO Builds (using many different weapon / power / perk variations)
  • Tips for Getting the Best Gear Quick
  • Pursuit Completion Guides
  • FREE Updates for Every Major Patch & DLC
  • 60 Day No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee
  • TONS more

In short, Defiance Guru is the most complete strategy guide available for this game. We’ve purchased and reviewed over 10 different guides and this one is the absolute best for players. I started using this one when I was at EGO rating 500 and now I’m at just over 4000 and it took very little time. Plus I’ve got a full set of legendary gear (including weapons, shield, grenade). Not to mention my EGO build is nearly unstoppable. I usually come in 1st place in PvP nearly every match and I deal so much damage I’m ALWAYS in the top 3 on the leaderboards in Arkfalls. It’s pretty awesome.

Other guides tend to lack in certain areas such as effective leveling strategies or info for getting gear and currency, but Defiance Guru does a very nice job of providing Ark Hunters with some awesome tips and hints that actually work. I highly recommend picking up this guide. It’ll help you a ton.

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Our #2 Pick – Defiance Secrets

Defiance Secrets is another decent guide available. It is somewhat similar to Guru but mainly contains information that is

useful only to beginners. Don’t get me wrong, the guide contains some great tips and hints but it just isn’t meant for higher level Defiance Secrets Guideplayers. It comes with a full start guide, tips for learning to use the Salvage Matrix to mod your weapons to increase your overall power, a speed leveling guide (that works up to a certain point), a walkthrough of how to make the best use of powers & perks, plus an index of all enemies and how to best fight them.

Here’s a list of the full contents of Defiance Secrets:

  • Quick Start Guide to Defiance
  • Weapon Modding Tutorials & Tips
  • Speed Leveling Guide
  • Ego Powers & Perks Guide
  • Enemy Preparedness Guide

Like I said, this one is really meant for absolute beginners. If you’re just getting started and need to get a full understanding of how Defiance works and how you’re supposed to increase your EGO rating, how to make your weapons more powerful, etc, this is a great guide. But once you hit level 100-200 it’s going to become pretty useless. Defiance Secrets does a great job of introducing players to the game and getting them started in the right direction but beyond that it’s not very helpful.

Another huge con to this one is that it’s a monthly subscription. It costs $17 per month which grants you access to updates and future content. While this may end up being worth it (maybe they’ll expand the guide to be a lot more than it is right now?) but right now Defiance Guru is a much better deal because it doesn’t require a subscription fee..

Our #3 Pick – KillerGuides Defiance Series is a website that produces tons of guides for pretty much every major MMO known to man. While they

do create a ton of guides, quality isn’t always their top priority. Their Defiance package, for example, costs a rather pricey $40 and KillerGuides Defiance Strategy Guideonly includes an extremely basic intro guide to the game, a short, self-explanatory PvP guide, and a guide to earning Scrip (which isn’t even the most important currency in the game). Sadly this was the 3rd best guide we found out of the 10 we reviewed.

Here’s what comes in the Defiance Pack:

  • Intro Guide to the Game
  • PvP Guide
  • Scrip Guide

That’s it. Seems like absolutely nothing when it’s compared to either Guru or Secrets and that’s because it is. Honestly, I don’t recommend this one at all but felt like I needed at least 3 different guides as options for everyone. KG just doesn’t provide the value that the other 2 bring to the table. But every other guide out there is a complete scam (as in they copy/paste info from other sites, including Defiance Masters, and throw it in a e-book to sell).

That’s it for guides. Defiance Guru is definitely the best choice we found.

Bradley has been gaming his entire life on both console and PC titles. He created the Gamocial Gaming Network back in 2010 and continues to be a regular contributor of news, tips, cheats, and guides for the most popular games.
  • clubside

    I was intrigued by your review and Defiance Guru’s description of what it supposedly included. I have never felt so ripped off. In addition to a backhanded grab for an extra $20 for the “ultimate guide” after making the purchase (I declined), the actual guide includes next to none of the supposed content advertised, has a copyright of 2011 which points to its lack of updates (no mention of the Volge whatsoever).

    There are no tips on how to beat missions, just transcripts of the game’s text during the missions.

    There are no examples of the best weapons or perk combinations.

    There are no recommendations for the best missions to build EGO, and nothing beyond “do Arkfalls” really.

    I was really looking for recommendations on power/perk combos, the best weapons in each category and preferred mods, things the guide’s “buy” page advertises and would have been really helpful versus constant inventory browsing and item compares. But nothing like that is included.

    This “guide” is nothing more than a description of the basics as they are presented in the game itself and is a complete waste of time, and unfortunately for me, $30.