Defiance Enemy Analysis: The Volge

About the Volge

One of the most menacing and challenging enemy types found in the Defiance game is a race that was added not long ago. A few updates back Trion introduced the massive Volge race to players. They are of Votan origins, are incredibly difficult compared to most other enemies in Defiance, and are to be treated as a great threat.


The Volge were long thought to be an enemy force of the past. They have only recently started appearing on Earth. These creatures are massive, are heavily armored, and live in underground colonies. These beasts have absolutely no weaknesses. Their only fault is that they will run right into the heat of battle without a second thought. While this leaves them vulnerable to gun fire and explosions they still take quite a bit to take down.

PRO TIP: The best way to kill the Volge is by taking cover when being attacked and kiting them until they die. This basically means to strafe around them in a large circle, just out of their fire range, while chopping away at their HP with a strong weapon such as a powerful LMG and explosives like grenades and rockets.

Volge Classes

The Volge ranks are pretty basic. There are 3 primary classes within the race: Bomber, Trooper, and Viscera. Each of these ranks also has an Elite counterpart. Here is what each one looks like:

Defiance Volge Bomber

Volge Bomber

Defiance Volge Trooper

Volge Trooper

Defiance Volge Viscera

Volge Viscera


The Volge, like pretty much any other enemy found in the game, attack in groups. They can be found in the middle of the road during emergency events and, once the upcoming Castithan DLC is released, will be found in Volge-based sieges, too.

Overall, the Volge are one of the best additions to the game. The other enemies like the Mutants, Raiders, and even Dark Matter, are all too easy to kill for most players. The Volge provide a much more intense and challenging experience for Ark Hunters to partake in.

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