Defiance: Best EGO Powers – How to Pick a Power

From the very beginning of the Defiance game you are forced to make a rather important decision: what EGO power to use for your character. Later on you’ll be able to create different builds using different powers but knowing what power to pick for PvE and which one to pick for PvP can be a bit tricky.

Defiance Best EGO Powers

Figuring out what the best EGO powers in Defiance are is actually pretty difficult. It really comes down to how you play personally. Most players have their own style so one power may be preferred over another depending on how you decide to play. But to give you a head-start we’ve outlined the pros and cons of each power below.


Defiance Blur EGO Power

Blur allows your player to move around a bit faster for a short period of time. While this can be especially useful for surviving tough firefights in PvE (aka running away to heal up) it works wonders in PvP, too. How so? Put together an EGO build using a strong shotgun and the Blur power and you’ll have yourself a very handy, powerful, aggressive setup. You can quickly maneuver around other players and blast them with a shotgun before they even know what’s happened.

PRO TIP: If you equip the Blur power also be sure to unlock and equip the Endurance Runner perk. This perk extends the duration of Blur for a few seconds making you even more devastating on the battlefield.


Defiance Cloak EGO Power

Cloak gives you the ability to go completely invisible temporarily (granted this breaks if you fire your weapon or use the action button). This is mainly useful in PvE when you get in tight spots and need to escape. Throw Cloak on and enemies will be clueless as to where you are, giving you time to get your shields back up. In PvP it’s primary purpose is for either camping with a sniper rifle or flanking enemies for surprise attacks.

PRO TIP: If you choose to use the Cloak power you should also use either the Infiltrator or Shadow’s Core perk. Infiltrator makes the power last a little longer while Shadow’s Core reduces the cooldown time of it.


Defiance Decoy EGO Power

Decoy gives you the ability to send out a hologram of yourself that will distract enemies and cause them to attack your double rather than you. This mainly works best in PvE because real players can easily identify a decoy. But once you upgrade the power some you can also gain the ability to either swap places with your decoy or make it explode near enemies to deal damage. This one really isn’t great for PvP, though.

PRO TIP: Couple this power with the Efficient Projection to make your decoy last a few seconds longer than normal.


Defiance Overcharge EGO Power

Overcharge is the most clearly defined EGO power of them all. It is designed for high DPS (damage per second). It actually boosts the overall damage output of the ammo in your currently equipped primary weapon for a few seconds. This is useful in both PvE and PvP for obvious reasons. Being able to do more damage than normal is always a plus. A lot of players use this in combination with high damage weapons such as shotguns and launchers.

PRO TIP: Use the Killing Machine perk along with this power to increase its overall duration by up to 6 seconds (when fully upgraded).

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