Black Ops 2 MSMC Lone Wolf Class Setup

Black Ops 2 might be a multiplayer game but some people like to go it alone anyway. If you’re the type of player that likes to join in on TDM, Free-for-All, and Kill Confirmed games on your own just to try and be a badass and get as many kills as possible, today’s loadout is just for you. This is a basic MSMC setup but it’s very effective. It’s designed to be fast, efficient, and a little sneaky.

Here’s the full loadout:

Primary Weapon

Black Ops 2 MSMC

The MSMC is one of the most well-rounded, powerful SMGs in the game. It deals a moderate amount of damage, has pretty decent accuracy, and has great mobility. It does, however, have a moderate amount of recoil, too. But this is something that’s easily managed once you’ve played with the gun for a bit and get used to how it fires and moves.

The MSMC is best used in short to mid range enemy encounters. At a distance the damage of this weapon drops off greatly and so does it’s accuracy. But in tight spaces and short corridors on maps like Hijacked, Hydro, and Plaza, it works very well.

Recommended Attachments: Extended Clip, Silencer

This SMG burns through ammo pretty fast so using extended clip can be a real life saver. It gives you just enough extra ammunition to get that last kill before a reload. Fast Mag works well with this, too, but we prefer the extended clip. As we mentioned before, this class is meant to have a bit of stealth for flanking enemies and getting around without being noticed, so we also recommend using the silencer attachment.

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Secondary Weapon

Black Ops 2 KAP-40

The KAP-40 is a very handy pistol. It’s almost like having an extra SMG on-hand. It doesn’t have a very large magazine in it but it’s fast and strong. Whip it out whenever you run out of MSMC ammo and need to finish a kill. It works well as a secondary. We do suggest that players with not-so-great aim throw on the dual wield attachment for it, though. Keep in mind, though, that putting this attachment on also takes 1 item away from your 10 picks for the class.


Tier 1 – Ghost. To stay off radar more often and be able to pull off surprise attacks on enemy players, Ghost is one of the best perks to use. Keep in mind that this is the last perk you unlock, though.

Tier 2 – Scavenger. With SMGs that have a high fire rate and not so big magazine you will find yourself running out of ammo rather often, especially if you get on a hot streak. Scavenger helps remedy this situation by allowing you to replenish your ammunition by picking up ammo packs that enemies drop when you kill them.

Tier 3 – Dexterity. One of the most annoying things in this game is when you’re running around and all the sudden an enemy pops out from around a corner you’re about to round and you just don’t have enough time to look down your sights to get him/her. This is where Dexterity comes quite handy. It allows you to maneuver to ADS (aiming down sights) after sprinting a little bit faster.

Equipment Picks

Lethal – Semtex. This is the go-to grenade for fast classes. Simply throw it out and once it sticks to something it will almost instantly explode. This is a little bit better for getting off quick kills than using a standard frag grenade that needs to either be cooked or allowed the 3-4 second fuse time to explode.

Tactical – Concussion x2 (or 1 if you chose to put dual wield on your pistol). These are great for stunning your enemies long enough for you to give them the ol’ one-two knockout.


Tier 1 – UAV

Tier 2 – Hunter Killer or, if you’re a more skilled player, Orbital VSAT

Tier 3 – Care Package or, if you’re a more skilled player, K9 Unit or Swarm

The Scorestreaks can be changed up a bit to fit your personal preferences, these are just our general recommendations for this particular class setup.

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