Black Ops 2 Achievements List and Details

With every new release for the Xbox 360 console comes a whole new set of achievements to unlock and rack up gamerscore from. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 gives players the chance to complete 50 different achievements to obtain a total value of 1,000 points toward their overall gamerscore.

The majority of the BO2 achievements have to be completed during the campaign portion of the game. There are, however, a select few that will require online multiplayer play as well. Below we have listed every achievement for Black Ops 2 along with a description of what needs to be done to unlock them.

Black Ops 2 Achievements List

Black Ops 2 Achievements List

No Man Left Behind: To unlock you’ll need to rescue Frank Woods during a mission in Africa during the campaign. This achievement will get you 20 gamerscore.

Gathering Storm: Another campaign achievement. Simply complete the investigate the jungle facility portion of the 2nd mission, Celerium. Worth 20 GS.

Shifting Sands: Campaign achievement. Retrieve intel on a man named Raul Menendez from a character named Mullah Rahmaan during the Old Wounds mission. Worth 20 GS.

Driven by Rage: Campaign achievement. Take out Menendez and his drug cartel during the 4th mission, Time and Fate to unlock. Worth 20 GS.

Waterlogged: Campaign achievement. Obtain information related to a suspected terrorist plan of Raul Menendez during the 5th mission, Fallen Angel. Worth 20 GS.

What Happens in Colossus: Campaign achievement. All you have to do to unlock this one is complete the 6th mission of the game, Karma. Worth 20 GS.

False Profit: Campaign achievement. Capture Manuel Noriega during the 7th BO2 mission titled, Suffer with Me. Worth 20 GS.

Deep Cover: Campaign achievement. In order to unlock simply capture Menendez during the 8th mission of the game, Achilles’ Veil. Worth 20 GS.

Sinking Star: Campaign achievement. To complete this one simply interrogate Menendez aboard the USS Barack Obama during the 9th mission, Odysseus. Worth 20 GS.

Late for the Prom: Campaign achievement. To unlock you must complete the mission which requires you to escort the president (a female president, by the way) to a protected location in downtown Los Angeles. This mission was featured in the game’s official trailer. Finish the 10th mission, Cordis Die, to earn the achievement. Worth 20 GS.

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Death from Above: Campaign achievement. To get this one you simply need to complete the 11th mission known as Judgement Day which requires you to find and finally kill Raul Menendez. Worth 50 GS.

Old Fashioned: Campaign achievement. To unlock you will need to complete each of the following missions while playing on the Veteran difficultly level: Pyrrhic Victory, Time and Fate, Old Wounds, Suffer with Me. Worth 50 GS.

Futurist: Campaign achievement. To gain this achievement you’ll have to complete each of the future missions while playing on the Veteran difficulty.

Giant Accomplishment: Multiplayer achievement. This requires that you get every single challenge in Black Ops 2 to unlock. This includes weapon, equipment and various other challenges. Most will be obtained during normal gameplay but others will take some thinking to get. This achievement will more than likely take the longest of them all to unlock. Worth 50 GS.

Mission Complete: Simply complete all of the assigned challenges of any one mission to unlock this achievement. Worth 10 GS.

Just Gettin’ Started: Complete just one challenge on any level of your choice. Worth 10 GS.

Singapore Sling: This one is related to a Strikeforce mission called Shipwreck. Unlock the achievement by neutralizing the freighter near the terminal. Worth 15 GS.

Desert Storm: Related to a Strike mission. Escort the VIPs to safety to unlock. Worth 15 GS.

Defender: Strike mission related. Simply defend the FOB Spectre. Guard the middle building only to get the achievement. Don’t worry about the others. Worth 15 GS.

Black Ops 2 Master: Campaign achievement. Complete the entire campaign on either Hardened or Veteran difficulty to unlock. Worth 15 GS.

Art of War: Strike force mission Dispatch. Simply assassinate Tian Zhao and complete the mission to unlock. Worth 25 GS.

Blind Date: To complete this one simply finish the Second Chance strike mission. Worth 15 GS.

Family Reunion: Accomplished by completing a side mission part of the Suffer with Me campaign mission. Worth 10 GS.

Hey Good Looking: Part of the Fallen Angel mission. Unlocked by avoiding the flaming pipes during the escape. Worth 10 GS.

Showdown: Begins in the Karma campaign mission. Let Defalco escape in Karma then in Achilles’ Veil you need to kill Harper. Finally just complete the Odysseus mission to unlock the achievement. Worth 15 GS.

Dirty Business: This one is tricky. Basically follow this: Don’t kill Kravchenko, get the files, don’t rescue Karma then snipe Mason to unlock it. Worth 15 GS.

Ship Shape: Pretty simple but may take some time. You need to complete each of the strike missions and spare Admiral Briggs to unlock the achievement. Worth 10 GS.

Dead or Alive: At the very end of the campaign simply choose to put Menendez in jail or kill him then wait for the credits to appear to unlock. Worth 15 GS.

Ultimate Sacrifice: This is received on the Achilles’ Veil mission by choosing to shoot at Menendez. You will be shot but you will unlock the achievement by using this option. Worth 15 GS.

Good Karma: Must complete all strike missions and do the following: spare Krawchenko, collect files in cocaine bunker, record 400TB of data in Fallen Angel, save Karma, Kill Harper and finally injure Admiral Briggs and complete the Odysseus mission to earn the achievement. Worth 20 GS.

High IQ: Simply collect every piece of intel found in the missions. There are a total of 33 pieces to be collected. Worth 20 GS.

Back in Time: Complete the campaign then setup a loadout with a future gun then replay a mission using that loadout. Pretty simple. Worth 10 GS.

Man of the People: Accomplished on the 4th mission while playing as Menendez. Worth 15 GS.

Gun Nut: This one is pretty self explanatory but you basically just need to complete all of the missions then create a custom class for yourself and then replay and complete a mission with that class. Worth 10 GS.

Ten K: Get a minimum score of 10,000 in every campaign mission. Worth 15 GS.

Welcome to the Club: A multiplayer achievement. Simply play enough to reach Sgt, level 10. Worth 10 GS.

Welcome to the Penthouse: A multiplayer achievement. Simply rank all the way up through all levels and then opt to prestige to unlock. Worth 50 GS.

Big Leagues: After earning a spot in a division compete in and win 5 different League Play games to unlock. Worth 20 GS.

Trained Up: Simply win 10 games in a Combat Training playlist to earn this achievement. Worth 10 GS.

Party Animal: Play and win 10 different games in Party Games playlists to unlock. Worth 10 GS.

Tower of Babble: Instructions are to obey the voices in the zombies map, TranZit. This is an easter egg achievement and is worth 75 GS.

Don’t Fire Until You See: In zombies on TranZit, open all the doors without ever being set on fire. Worth 30 GS.

The Lights of Their Eyes: In zombies on the Green Run hit at least 10 zombies with 1 EMP blast. Worth 5 GS.

Undead Man’s Party Bus: In zombies on TranZit get all of the bus additions in a single game. Worth 15 GS.

Dance on My Grave: In zombines on Green Run, get your tombstone. Worth 5 GS.

Standard Equipment May Vary: While playing zombies on TranZit get 4 equippable items in a single game. Worth 25 GS.

You Have no Power over Me: Kill the electrical zombie that appears after you turn on the power. Worth 15 GS.

I Don’t Think They Exist: While playing zombies on Tranzit have one of the forest denizens latch onto you then kill it. Worth 10 GS.

Fuel Efficient: In zombies on Tranzit build the Turbine, take it to the flickering street light and place it near it to light it up green. Now go get a Denzine to attach to your back then run back to the light and jump into the portal under it to unlock the achievement. Worth 10 GS.

Happy Hour: In zombies on Tranzit simply buy 2 different perks before ever turning the power on. Worth 10 GS.

And that’s it for the Black Ops 2 achievements!

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  • Scott Wright

    With “Gun Nut”, you DO NOT need to complete the campaign and then make a custom load out. You can simply change your load out on the first mission, then complete that mission to get the achievement.

  • Frank van Hoof

    Giant Accomplishment is on Single Player, Not on multiplayer