BF4 Tips – How to Level Up Faster in Battlefield 4

One of the most annoying things about Battlefield 4 is how painfully slow you level up. There are 100 ranks to get through and most of them have sub-ranks as well. From 1 to 45 it’s all about sub-ranks. At 45 you’ll receive the title of Colonel. Then 45-100 are all different levels of Colonel.

Obviously DICE didn’t want players to reach the max level in BF4 quickly and instead be grinding the game for a while before obtaining it. But it’s still possible to reach the prestigious level 100 Colonel rank fairly fast. How? We’ve listed some of the best tips for leveling up fast in BF4 below.

Squad it Up

BF4 Squad

Either pick a few friends or find a few people online to form a squad. Squads consist of 5 members – 1 leader, 4 regular members – and are essential to success on BF4. Use your squadmates to form strategies on each map and cover each other when needed.

Squads also give several benefits such as being able to spawn near your members that are still alive and they also have unique specializations you can unlock (we’ll discuss that more in another article). Either way these teammates can help you greatly but helping you stay alive and assisting you in earning kills.

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Discover Your Loadout

BF4 Loadout

One of the most important things in nearly any FPS is figuring out what class setup works best for you. Some players are far better snipers than they are run ‘n gun soldiers (and vice versa). You need to figure out which of the Battlefield 4 classes – Assault, Engineer, Recon, Support – works best for your personal playing style.

If you like to camp back and pop enemies off from the distance without being seen then you will want to take on the Recon class. If, however, you like to rush straight into the action and fill enemies with lead, you may want to give the Assault or Engineer class a try.

Either way you need to figure out which classes offer the tools you need and the weapons you perform best with to keep up a positive K/D in matches. The more kills you earn the more XP you’ll gain. But you also gain XP in matches from a variety of other things like taking out vehicles, destroying enemy equipment, and reviving allies.

Work Toward Medals

BF4 Medals

Earning medals is a huge, awesome way to get a ton of XP really quickly. Why? Because when you get one you’ll typically get 10,000+ experience for each one.

What do you have to do to earn medals? Each one is a bit different but in general you have to do something 50 times. For example, the Carbine weapon medal requires that you earn the Carbine ribbon 50 times. In order to snag the ribbon you just need to get 6 kills using a Carbine-based weapon. Simple enough, right? And it makes for very fast XP.

Earn Those Battlepacks

BF4 Battlepacks

Battlepacks are an interesting and new concept to Battlefield. You get them by ranking up and leveling your weapons, too. Every few ranks you’ll unlock a new one. These can sometimes contain an XP boost which, for obvious reasons, is great for leveling up your player fast in BF4.

XP boosts typically provide you with 50% more experience which may not seem like a lot but it really does make a huge difference. So for every 1000 experience points you’d normally earn, you’d gain 1500 instead. These boost generally only last for an hour, though, so be sure to make good use of them when you get them.


There are several different ways to rank up your player in Battlefield 4. The ones listed above are some of the best examples. We’ll be adding even more to this page in the near future to help you guys out!

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