Battlefield 4 Recon Class Overview & Gameplay Tips

The Recon class found in Battlefield 4 is easily one of the most popular classes in the game. Everyone wants to be the guy that can pop an enemy across the longest map stretch with a single sniper shot. Or be able to blast a helicopter pilot in the head mid-air. While those feats are awesome, not everyone is capable of doing it. But if you want to stay hidden and gain kills unnoticed this class is perfect.

BF4 Recon

While Recon is definitely best known for being home to every great sniper that’s not the only role available to the class. With access to shotguns, marksman rifles, and SMGs this is perhaps one of the most diverse classes in BF4.

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Weapons Available to Recon

The primary weapons that most players use when rocking the Recon kit are snipers. But this class has a load of other guns available that give you a lot more options than just sticking to long distance combat. Below is a list of all weapons available to the class.

BF4 Sniper


  • M98B
  • L96
  • M40A5
  • SV98
  • M39
  • M417
  • SVD
  • SVD-12
  • SKS
  • Scout Elite
  • QBU 88
  • M82
  • RFB
  • JNG-90
  • MK11 Mod 0
  • ACE 53 SV
  • CS-LR4
  • SRR-61

Recon also has access to various DMRs and shotguns. DMRs are most effective at mid to long range while shotguns, for obvious reasons, are best in close quarters combat. This allows the Recon class to work well in literally any combat type.

Gadgets for Recon

BF4 Recon Gadgets

The Recon kit comes with access to a pretty awesome variety of useful gadgets. Most of these items can be used for your own personal gain or for helping teammates. These include:

  • C4
  • MAV
  • TUGS
  • Motion Sensor
  • Radio Beacon

C4 explosives are pretty great. They stick to just about anything and are capable of doing serious damage to vehicles such as tanks, helicopters, and other ground transports. C4 can also be placed on objectives or in well known camp spots to get easy kills or defend a point.

The MAV is a small, remote-controlled UAV flown by the player. With it you can move across the map and mark enemy players for your teammates to take out. It has a unique spotting ability which provides you with spot bonus points and gives your team a slight advantage in battle.

TUGS is a ground-based motion sensor. Simply place it on the ground somewhere near your location and any time an enemy player comes within close proximity they’ll appear on your mini-map. These devices are small but also emit a distinct sound which enemies can hear. They are also easily destroyed.

The Motion Sensor is a small, grenade-like device that can be thrown and will spot enemies within a short distance and display them on your mini-map. These don’t last long at all, though, and don’t work at all if nearby opponents are either crouched or lying down (campers).

The Radio Beacon, another device found in previous BF games, is a portable spawn location. You can place it anywhere you like and you, your team, and squad members will be able to spawn on it after dying. Like most other equipment, this is easily destroyed and, if you’re not careful, can lead to fast spawn deaths.

The SOFLAM is a unique gadget that mainly helps to get rid of enemy vehicles. With it you can laser target enemy aircraft, tanks, and other vehicles which spots them for your team and also makes it easier for players using rocket launchers or AA weaponry to destroy the targeted vehicles. You’ll earn assist points when this happens, too.

Tips for Playing as Recon

BF4 Recon Tips

Most players that use the Recon kit do so because they want to snipe. If you’re wanting to be a sniper you’ll want to stay in dimly lit areas (or spots where your player blends in very well in the scenery) far away from the action. Don’t take shots unless you know without a doubt you’ll get the kill. If you do, you’ll alert enemy players to your location.

Be sure to use the TUGS device if you want to camp. This way when you’re not scoped in you’ll have assistance in discovering enemies that are trying to flank you to kill you.

If you want to be effective in mid range encounters where your sniper will be rendered all but useless then definitely be sure to try out on of the marksman rifles (DMRs). These are powerful, very accurate, and work exceptionally well against enemies that are too close for a sniper to take care of but too far for SMG fire to be effective.

If you’d like to advance your Recon class but want to be able to rush into the action and get a ton of kills you’ll want to use a shotgun. Keep in mind, though, that shotguns work best in very, very short distances. The best way to get kills is by running through halls and small rooms in buildings and popping enemies before they notice you.

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