Battlefield 4: PP-2000 PDW Overview

The PP-2000 is a Russian-designed SMG available for use in Battlefield 4 that was first introduced (in real life) in 2004. It is now being used by Russian soldiers, police, and spec ops teams. The weapon was created solely for short range firefights. It is compact, lightweight, and has armor-piercing rounds. The gun is somewhat similar to the likes of other SMGs such as the P90.

BF4 PP-2000

The PP-2000 has been featured in several Battlefield titles including Bad Company, Bad Company 2, and BF3. It has been a fan-favorite SMG in most BF games. In Battlefield 4 it is a highly mobile weapon with a rather high damage rating, decent accuracy, and the best stability rating in its weapon class. This makes the PP-2000 a very formidable SMG.

Here are the actual stats of the gun:

  • Damage – 12 (minimum) to 25 (maximum)
  • Clip Size – 44 + 1 in the chamber
  • Rate of Fire – 650 RPM
  • Unlocked – Obtain 4,000 PDW Score

As seen in the specifications above the PP-2000 does deal a hefty amount of damage at point blank range. It also has one of the largest magazine sizes among PDWs. It does have a major setback, though… it has a very slow firing rate clocking in at only 650 rounds per minute. This means that nearly every other SMG can rip through a player using the PP-2000 at close range. So if you want to win in close quarter encounters you’ll want to see your enemy before they see you.

Just like all other SMGs there are plenty of attachments that can be used on the PP-2000. Because this weapon has such a high stability rating it is recommended to use a piece such as the Heavy Barrel to add points to its accuracy while sacrificing some of its stability. You can also add a Laser Sight to this gun to bring its hip fire rating up to a massive 99.

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