Battlefield 4: Overview of Gadgets & Equipment

About Gadgets in BF4

The perfect loadout setup isn’t all about weapons and upgrades. In order to make a truly dominant class in Battlefield 4 you’ve got to have the right gadgets equipped, too. Gadgets are pieces of equipment that can help assist you and your teammates. From health packs to anti-tank mines and everything in-between, gadgets are extremely useful in BF4.

Battlefield 4 Gadgets


Each of the 4 in-game classes (Assault, Engineer, Recon, and Support) have access to a unique set of gadgets that they can equip. Most of these items are designed to fit the recommended role of the class. So for assault you’ll have equipment that comes handy when charging down the battlefield toward enemies, engineer has access to gadgets that help it to repair & destroy vehicles, recon is able to use items best for scouting, and support is given equipment handy for laying down cover fire & helping teammates.

Below we’ve made a list of every gadget available in Battlefield 4, categorized by what class it’s available for. These lists may change as new DLC is released or even major patches are put out. These sometimes add new equipment or, at the very least, alter the abilities and stats of each gadget.

Assault Class Gadgets

Engineer Class Gadgets

Support Class Gadgets

Recon Class Gadgets

Clicking the links provided above will take you to pages with more detailed information about each device. These pages cover the abilities & uses of each piece of equipment as well as provide tips for using them.

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