Battlefield 4: MBT LAW Gadget Overview

The MBT LAW, which is short for Main Battle Tank and Light Anti-Tank Weapon, is one of the launchers available for use by the Engineer in Battlefield 4. It is capable of hitting or disabling tanks (along with other vehicles) from short range. It deals a relatively low amount of damage to tanks, though. It takes several shots to kill a tank with the LAW.


The MBT LAW doesn’t lock-on to vehicles like nearly every other launcher in the game. It can only lock on if either you or a teammate laser designates the target. Then you can use the LAW to lock on to the vehicle for a precise hit. Otherwise it’s a free-firing launcher.

NOTE: The MBT LAW is unlocked by default for the Engineer kit and provides you with 5 shots to use.

Tips for Using the LAW

Although it is basically a free-fire launcher, much like the RPG, it does have a slight advantage. The missiles it fires are smart. Once fired they will auto-detect nearby enemy vehicles and guide themselves to the target. This only works when the missiles are extremely close to the vehicle, though. So from medium and long distances you’ll still need to aim accurately and fire your shots strategically to ensure a hit.

The LAW is able to be used against tanks, jets, helicopters, and other vehicles. It is best when used in close range against ground-based vehicles, though. It’s possible to take out enemy aircraft but it’s a bit difficult. It usually takes 2 to 3 shots to take down a helicopter and you have to be almost directly under it to do so because at long range it’s hard to time shots that will actually connect with aerial vehicles.

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