Battlefield 4: M416 Assault Rifle Overview

The M416 is a German designed assault rifle that was first introduced back in 2005. The gun is gas powered and modeled after the mechanics of the G36C and AR-15 rifles. The M416 has been used in pretty much all Battlefield titles dating back to Battlefield: Bad Company.

BF4 M416

This weapon features a slightly higher rate of fire than most other ARs and works fairly well. The M416 deals a moderate amount of damage, has a relatively low amount of recoil, and reloads rather quickly. This makes it most effective in close to mid range engagements.

Here are the specs of the M416:

  • Damage – 18 (minimum) to 25 (maximum)
  • Clip Size – 30 + 1 in the chamber
  • Rate of Fire – 750 RPM
  • Unlocked – Obtain 11,000 Assault Rifle Score

The M416 has two different firing modes: full auto and semi auto. At a distance of 25 meters the gun outputs its max damage. From there the damage falls off. Once the range exceeds ~55 meters the damage output drops to the minimum of 18. In close quarters combat this gun is very useful as it has a slightly higher rate of fire than other rifles in the same class. It also reloads fast making it great for run ‘n gun play styles.

There are countless attachments available for the M416 just like any other AR. Players can unlock the American-made attachments by getting kills with the weapon. The Chinese and Russian attachments, on the other hand, can only be obtained by opening up Battlepacks.

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