Battlefield 4: M2 SLAM Gadget Overview

The M2 SLAM is another explosive available to Engineers in Battlefield 4. The M2 SLAM is similar to the M15 AT Mine in the fact that it is an anti-tank explosive but it operates a bit differently. It’s smaller, does slightly less damage, and is capable of being placed on walls and other surfaces rather than just the ground. It is also able to be used as a traditional land mine to injure or kill enemy players.


Players can unlock the M2 SLAM by obtaining 74,000 score using the Engineer kit. Once equipped the player will have access to 3 of these mines to place. They can be put down on the ground to catch enemy tanks and LAVs but can also be stuck to walls, roofs, and any other object.

Tips for Using the M2 SLAM

M2 SLAMs will detonate once an enemy player or vehicle comes within 3 meters of it. It usually takes 3 SLAMs to take out a heavily armored tank, 2 for lighter vehicles, and 1 or 2 to kill an enemy soldier. While normally the player can only carry 3 you can increase this to 6 by using the Anti-Tank upgrade path which provides this bonus:

  • Level 1 – MINES: Increases inventory of M2 SLAM from 3 to 6.

Using this specialization you’ll have enough mines to wipe anything out. If you know enemy players are going to be camping in a certain room or hallway you can throw SLAMs out in hidden places around the area to get quick, easy kills. Also be sure to stick them to hard-to-see objects on roads to disable or destroy vehicles.

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