Defiance Game Review

Defiance is both a video game and a TV show. It’s the first attempt by any development team to tie together these two types of media. The game is available for the PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3 platforms and is a third-person shooter MMO. Very few MMOs have made their way onto consoles so the developer, Trion Worlds, was really innovative bringing a MMO / TV tie-in to both PC and console gamers.


Defiance has a very interesting, yet somewhat familiar, story line involving a plot set in the not-so-distant future, aliens coming to Earth, and battling against a myriad of advanced beings including aliens, cyborgs, and monsters. You are put into the game as an Ark Hunter, a hired mercenary that fetches and kills for Von Bach Industries (the primary tech company that designs weaponry and military equipment).

Your main mission is to rid the world of the baddies and track down Arktech, advanced alien technology that holds the key to saving the Earth. In order to get your hands on it you’ll have to fight your way through waves of alien creatures, insane rebels, robots, and cybernetic beings that are all after the tech, too.

There are several types of gameplay you can take on in Defiance: competitive multiplayer (PvP), main missions & battles out in the open world (PvE), or co-op missions on maps designed for play with 2 or more players (these sort of feel like dungeons). Below we have reviewed each gametype and the general aspects of Defiance, too.

Main Missions & Open World (PvE)

Defiance PvE
The PvE aspect of Defiance really is the core of the game. There are constantly new, dynamic events popping up such as Arkfalls, emergencies, and other enemy battles. On top of that players can complete the campaign mode of the game by completing main missions that reveal the story of the game, open up new areas of the world, and provides players with countless hours of content to go through.

By participating in these events and missions players are rewarded with increases to their EGO rating (the leveling system within the game), Scrip / Ark Salvage / Key Codes (currencies in Defiance), vehicles, and new gear. The game has a massive level cap (currently sitting at almost 5000) that players can work toward.

Some missions and general gameplay mechanics for PvE are a bit glitched, by still playable, and still somewhat fun. They can feel rather repetitive, though. Most missions require players to travel to enemy-infested bases to either wipe them out entirely or complete an objective such as find some intel or bring an antenna online. Almost all of the missions are rather easy to complete, too. Enemy AI is rather poor and enemies just aren’t strong enough to pose a real threat. There are only a few scenarios where an enemy is really tough and that’s during boss battles.

Competitive Multiplayer (PvP)

Defiance PvP

PvP in Defiance is pretty fun.. at first. But it’s generally recommended that players wait until they are a higher level and have a good set of gear (particularly a set of epic or legendary weapons, shields, grenades, etc) before taking on PvP. This is because most players in this are aggressive, have high-powered weapons, and are able to withstand a lot of damage.

There are only 3 Defiance PvP maps in the game right now, too. Two are small, 6 v 6 Team Deathmatch style maps and one is designed for 16 v 16 objective-based gameplay. TDM games are very fast due to the fact that a team only needs 25 kills to win the game. With only 3 maps, PvP can become pretty dull pretty quickly, feeling repetitive.

In most cases players make use of the Cloak or Overcharge EGO powers and use shotguns and explosive-based weaponry, such as rocket launchers, in PvP matches. A few players here and there use other weapons such as LMGs or Infectors but most matches become a shotty and rocket festival.

Co-Op Missions

Co-Op can be pretty fun if you have friends to play with (or you can get matched up with random people using the in-game matchmaking system). They are similar to dungeons found in other MMOs, consisting of several waves of enemies that have to be taken out with assistance. These missions aren’t too challenging, but provide a lot of additional content for players to make use of.

Overall Review

Defiance Review
Defiance isn’t perfect by any means, but it’s still a fun game to play, especially if you make use of the social functions to play with friends or clans. Taking down Arkfalls with a large group of buddies can make for a fun time. Developer Trion Worlds has promised that at least 5 different DLC packs will be coming out for the game (with both free and paid content) that will hopefully add to areas where the game is lacking (such as PvP maps and varied events).

As the game stands, we give it a 7 out of 10. Once the bugs are fixed, new PvP maps are added, and new content such as new Arkfall types, more interesting non-repetitive missions, and new gear are added, we may reconsider and bump it to either an 8 or 9. The game is solid, but just needs a bit more to make it a really great game.

Gameplay – 7/10

Graphics – 6.5/10

Entertainment – 8/10

Final Score – 7.1/10


Defiance Game Guide

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