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Defiance Enemy Analysis: Hellbugs

There are several different types of hostile creatures that you’ll encounter as you journey through the world of Defiance. But one of the most common (and rather annoying) are the Hellbugs. These beasts range in size from small to large and came into existence because of the terraforming that occurred on Earth after the Defiance battles.

Defiance Hellbugs

Hellbugs fight with more primal instinct than strategy. They usually aren’t the brightest creatures. There are several different types of these nasty critters: Skitterlings, Archers, Warriors, Monarchs, Hellions, Blast Pods, and so on. They are one of the most diverse enemy races you’ll face off against as an Ark Hunter.

Hellbugs aren’t too difficult to defeat but they do have a rugged, armor-like body which allows them to withstand a decent amount of gunfire and explosives. The key to defeating any Hellbug is to aim for their weak spot. These spots are usually indicated on the foe by a bright orange area on the body. The best examples of this are found on the Warrior (the inside of the mouth) and Monarch (the underside of the creature and the rear are weak spots).


Hellbug Skitterling

Hellbug Skitterling

Skitterlings are the smallest of the Hellbug species. They tend to travel in small packs and attack by jumping at you. These guys are pretty easy to take out, usually only taking a few quick shots to dispose of them. In some instances, though, you may want to keep them alive. During Arkfalls, for example, they will go up to the crystal and bite it, creating small weakened spots on the Arkfall that you can shoot at to destroy the crystal faster.


Hellbug Archer

Hellbug Archer

Archers are one of the most annoying types of Hellbug. They tend to travel with a pack of Warriors and Skitterlings, staying back away from the action, firing blobs of a high-damage tar-like substance that not only inflicts a ton of damage to your player but also slows you down a lot. Archers have less of a protection shield than other Hellbugs, though, making them relatively easy to get rid of. Just be sure to use the dodge maneuver to avoid being hit by their projectiles.


Hellbug Warrior

Hellbug Warrior

Warriors are larger, tougher, and have a few more ways to hurt your player. They will rush you and attack you with their legs using a variety of moves. They will even dig themselves underground and pop back up right underneath you, causing you to fall on your back and take damage. As mentioned before, aim directly for the inside of their mouths to make quick work of them.


Hellbug Monarch

Hellbug Monarch

Monarchs are much larger, stronger, and more dangerous sub-species of the Hellbug. These guys tend to pop up in more remote areas in PvE, especially during major Hellbug Arkfalls. It usually takes at least 3 Ark Hunters to take out a Monarch. To kill them quickly, try to position yourself behind the creature to shoot it in the rear (one of its weak areas) or, wait until it rears up to do its ground-pound move and shoot directly at its underbelly (the bright orange section of its stomach).


Hellions are basically Monarchs with wings. They can deal a ton of damage and are pretty mobile making them a very dangerous enemy. These creatures also usually require the efforts of multiple players to take down.

All sorts of Hellbugs can be found in pretty much any area of the Defiance world, even when you’re just traveling down a random road you may be ambushed by a full pack of these buggers (punny, isn’t it?) so be on the lookout!

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