Defiance Enemy Analysis: Dark Matter

One of the most powerful and organized enemy groups in the Defiance MMO-Shooter is Dark Matter. They were once an elite group of soldiers that fought for the Votanis Collective. But they became known for being brutal, vicious war criminals. Dark Matter fought at the Battle of Defiance but weren’t seen again after until now. They possess powerful shields and are equipped with EGO powers, too. Below is a summary of each of their ranks.

Dark Matter Enforcers

Defiance Dark Matter Enforcer

Dark Matter Enforcer

Enforcers are the standard, front-of-the-line, infantry soldiers of the group. They have more shields than enemies players have previously encountered (such as Raiders, 99ers, and Mutants) and use semi-powerful energy-based rifles. As with all other human-based opponents, headshots are the best way to kill Enforcers quickly. You can take out their shields faster by tossing a frag grenade at their feet then immediately following through with SMG, assault rifle, or LMG gun fire for highest effectiveness.

Dark Matter Snipers

Defiance Dark Matter Sniper

Dark Matter Sniper

Snipers in the Dark Matter organization are pretty stealthy and cunning. Unlike the dim-witted ones found in other enemy ranks, DM snipers use the Cloak ability to stay out of sight. They are only seen once they are ready to take aim. Then you’ll notice a red laser scanning the terrain which leads back to the enemy. It’s best to kill them quickly because their sniper fire is pretty deadly. They also have shields but are easily killed with close-range SMG fire.

Dark Matter Monitors

Defiance Dark Matter Monitor

Dark Matter Monitor

Monitors are one of the more interesting ranks of DM. They are rather annoying because on top of having standard DM shields they can also put out a force-field that protects them from oncoming damage. It’s best to catch these guys off guard by either using Cloak to sneak up behind them unnoticed or using Decoy to send out a copy of yourself to keep it occupied while you flank it. This way you can avoid the force field and deal damage to the Monitor directly.

Dark Matter Bulwarks

Defiance Dark Matter Bulwark

Dark Matter Bulwark

Bulwarks are the black sheep of the DM family, per se. They are large robots with heavy armor and heavy weaponry. They seem more fitting to belong to the Scrappers, but don’t. They don’t have any extra shielding but they do have a high amount of hit points making them just as difficult to destroy. Their weapons deal tons of damage to Ark Hunters, too. Try using rocket launchers, grenade launchers, frag grenades, and other heavy-damage weapons to kill them while also taking cover behind objects to avoid their deadly gun fire.

Dark Matter Monolith

Defiance Dark Matter Monolith

Dark Matter Monolith

The Monolith is a enormous, extremely dangerous mech. It has an insane amount of armor, tons of health, and multiple, high-damage dealing weapons. The first one that players will come across sits in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. It blocks any player that hasn’t completed the quest that destroys it (Into the Darkness) from crossing the bridge that leads into San Francisco. Get too close to it before completing the specific story mission and it’ll wipe you off the map in just 1 or 2 shots. And you have absolutely no way of killing it. Other Monoliths are discovered in later missions of the game, too. Each is destroyed using a special weapon only accessible within the missions.

NOTE: There are Elite forms of several of the Dark Matter ranks. These forms are more difficult to defeat because they possess even more health than their normal counterparts.

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