Defiance Enemy Analysis: 99ers

The 99ers have one of the most depressing backgrounds of all enemies found in the Defiance MMO. At one time they were just as human as could be. They were miners, in charge of the Marin-based mining company known as Muir Union. For whatever reason these miners slowly went insane and started replacing their human body parts with mechanical substitutes. Now, the 99ers are more cybernetic component than man. Below is a summary of each 99er class.

99er Blacklung

Defiance 99er Blacklung


Blacklungs are bigger, more durable 99ers. They shoot explosives that deal pretty heavy damage. Their primary weakness is their head. Run circles around them, dodging their powerful shots, while shooting them directly on the head to deal critical damage to break their shields and kill them faster.

99er Drone

Defiance 99er Drone


Drones are basically mechanical spiders. They don’t pose much of a threat individually but when they come at you in groups, you have to be a bit more careful. You should try to destroy them pretty quick, though, because when they get near other, damaged 99ers they will heal their allies.

99er Goldrusher

Defiance 99er Goldrusher


Goldrusher are rather annoying. Once their shields are down to about the halfway point they will charge up and rush at your player to perform a melee attack. This attack is pretty strong and should be avoided at all costs. As with other human-based enemies, getting headshots is the key to a quick and easy kill.

99er Mad Mattock

Defiance 99er Mad Mattock

Mad Mattock

Mad Mattocks are the most common form of 99er. They are pretty basic enemies that carry around rifles. They do possess the slightly enhanced shields like all other 99ers but can be quickly be killed using a frag grenade and a burst of bullets to the head. They aren’t too threatening unless you’re being fired on by multiple Mattocks at the same time.

99er Smelters

Defiance 99er Smelter


Smelters are quite a nuisance, too. While they don’t have as strong of shields as other 99er forms, they are quick, flank you from the side or rear, and use flamethrowers to deal DoT (damage over time) attacks. The flames will be on you for a few seconds and do tick damage each second. A couple shotgun blasts or quick rain of gunfire will make quick work of a smelter.

NOTES: If you get hit with a flamethrower or any other flame-based weapon, using the roll maneuver will extinguish the flames a little faster which helps to reduce the damage it deals. Also, as with other enemies in Defiance, some of the 99er classes also have Elite versions which have even more health.

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