Defiance: Overview of EGO Powers

During the beginning of the Defiance game you’ll be introduced to your EGO implant which gives your Ark Hunter access to a variety of powers to improve your players’ abilities. The tutorials give you a brief moment to check out what each power can do and then you’re asked to select one for your character. Each EGO power can be used over and over but they do have a short cool-down time between uses. The refresh time can be shortened in some cases by upgrading the power using EGO points.

This is a step you should think about before choosing one. Each power has its advantages and disadvantages. Below we’ve done a short overview of each one to help you decide which power to select.

EGO Powers

There are a total of 4 core powers available to players:

  • Blur
  • Cloak
  • Decoy
  • Overcharge


Defiance Blur Power


Blur momentarily increases the overall speed of the player. At the same time it also slightly increases the damage the player can deal with melee attacks. Using EGO points you can upgrade the power which makes it last longer per use. Once you level the Blur power to higher levels you will gain the ability to decrease incoming damage on top of its other benefits. This ability is mainly useful in PvE when you need to take out an enemy quickly up-close. In PvP, it’s only useful if you can manage to get behind another player before attacking.


Defiance Cloak EGO Power


Cloak is arguably the most useful and overpowered ability in Defiance. It makes the player invisible to the naked eye for a few seconds. As you upgrade the power by spending points on it the cool-down time will decrease a bit. Once the power is leveled high enough it will also produce faster shield recharge as an effect. This power is extremely useful in many scenarios in both PvE and PvP gameplay. It can be used to make a quick escape when shields are down, to execute a surprise / stealth attack from the rear giving a player an advantage, stay out of sight while lining up a critical headshot using a sniper, and so much more.


Defiance Decoy EGO Power


Decoy gives the player the ability to spawn a holographic clone of your player which will run out to deceive both AI and real-player enemies. As you level the power by spending your EGO points you’ll increase the time that the decoy lasts. If you max out the Decoy power it will also give you the ability to make it explode and inflict damage and nearby enemies when you send it out. This is mainly useful in PvE. Real players can easily identify a clone and are typically not deceived by it often.


Defiance Overcharge EGO Power


Overcharge applies a hefty boost to the damage of the bullets of the weapons you have equipped on your player. This lasts just a few seconds but during that short time you inflict much more damage than usual. If you level the power you will slightly increase the total damage output. If it is maxed out it will also give you an instant reload ability for your sheathed weapon plus last longer as you rack up kills. This is handy for both PvE and PvP. Against tougher enemies in PvE it can help you kill them off faster. In PvP it can give you an advantage, especially if your weapon is quite as strong as your enemy’s weapon.

Of all the powers, we mostly recommend using either Cloak or Overcharge. Both are pretty powerful. We typically use Cloak on our EGO builds but feel free to play around with different loadouts using other powers.

Powers also have a set of associated perks that players can unlock and use. We will discuss those in another article.

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