Defiance EGO (Environmental Guardian Online) Overview

One of the first things you’re introduced to in the Defiance game is your EGO unit. EGO, which is an a acronym for Environmental Guardian Online, is an advanced implant with built-in AI. It possesses the ability to enhance the physical capabilities of both humans and Votans. With it enabled you have access to some “super powers”, per se, including unique functions such as invisibility (cloak), the ability to create holographic replicas of yourself to fool enemies with (decoy), increase the players speed (blur), and increase the damage output of the players weapon for a short time (overcharge).

Defiance EGO

EGO (Environmental Guardian Online)

EGO implants are placed in every Ark Hunter to make them a formidable force capable of taking out enemies and taking control of Arkfalls. On top of housing powers it also gives you access to various perks that provide even more stat bonuses to your player on top of whatever power you choose to play with.

EGO also acts as your liaison and informant for getting the main story missions. On several occasions you’ll have to report to it/her to accept or decline the next mission in the story-line. EGO plays a large role in the beginning of the game, helping you locate Karl Von Bach but gradually becomes something/someone you deal with less.

EGO also keeps track of your overall player level, hence your EGO rating. This score isn’t really a skill rating, it’s more of an indication of how much you’ve played Defiance. Players with high ratings have typically done tons of Arkfalls, Pursuits, and other in-game objectives that contribute to their EGO level.

During PvE or PvP gameplay EGO will alert you when AI enemies such as Hellbugs, Raiders, or Mutants are in the area or coming to you. During missions it/she will also give you a heads up on what the objective during each part of the mission is. So, it can be somewhat helpful but, in most cases, it’s just a repetitive nuisance. That’s a pretty fair warning, actually – EGO almost NEVER shuts up. She will tell you things over and over even when you don’t care – like when you’re driving around the world to get to a specific location. She will repeatedly tell you about Hellbugs in the area, enemy roadblocks, etc.

You can learn even more about the EGO system including how to increase your EGO rating very quickly, how to max out your powers & perks, and much more by checking out the Defiance Guru game guide – a complete strategy book for the game.

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