Battlefield 4: Second Assault DLC Overview

Second Assault is the second DLC pack that is scheduled to be released for Battlefield 4. DICE revealed its existence back in June of this year at E3. The expansion has already been released on the Xbox One as of November 22nd. It is currently planned for a future release on the PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC platforms.

Battlefield 4 Second Assault


Unfortunately, neither DICE or EA have given an exact release date for Second Assault on platforms outside of the Xbox One. And considering the fact that the publisher of the game is currently being sued by multiple parties and the developers are still trying to correct a ton of bugs in BF4, it may be a while before SA is fully released to the public.

Here is what’s supposed to come with the Second Assault expansion:

Game Additions

  • Capture the Flag (game mode)
  • 10 New Assignments

New Maps

  • Caspian Border (remake of a BF3 map of the same name)
  • Gulf of Olman (another remake)
  • Operation Firestorm (a remake of the popular map of the same name in BF3)
  • Operation Metro (another wildly popular BF3 map remake)

New Weapons

  • F2000
  • AS Val
  • M60E4
  • DAO-12
  • GOL Magnum

New Vehicles

  • Desert Patrol Vehicle
  • Skid Loader

Again, this DLC pack is already available on the Xbox One console but hasn’t been released for any other platform. As soon as we uncover an officially confirmed release date we will post it on this page. For non-premium players the DLC is technically supposed to cost around $15 but there have been rumors that due to the major problems with BF4 that this expansion, and possibly others, will be given away for free.

Battlefield 4 DLC

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