Battlefield 4: Naval Strike DLC Overview

Naval Strike is the 3rd planned expansion pack that will be coming to Battlefield 4. This DLC was originally announced at EA’s Gamescom conference. The DLC is supposed to be released on all platforms sometime in the spring of 2014. No official details regarding the actual content have been released yet.

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike

Based on the name – Naval Strike – one could assume that this expansion pack will focus on adding new sea vehicles such as boats, jet skis, and other watercraft. Also, due to the fact that both China Rising & Second Assault added new game modes it is safe to assume that NS will also add a new gametype, possibly one centered around capturing objectives in the ocean (similar to Air Superiority for jets).

There aren’t any trailers, exact release dates, or details about what new maps, weapons, or vehicles will be added to Battlefield 4 via the Naval Strike DLC just yet. But as soon as we get the information we’ll post it on this page for all to see!


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