Defiance Guide to Contracts and Earning Reputation

Once you reach an EGO rating of 100 or higher in Defiance you’ll open up a few new things in the game. First is the ability to complete contracts. These are basically the same thing as side missions but you complete them for the different factions within the game such as Von Bach Industries, Soleptor Enterprises, Paradise, and others. The second thing you unlock is a new currency called Reputation, which is earned by completing contracts.

Defiance Reputiation and Contracts Guide

About Factions

There are a total of 5 factions in the game: Echelon, which is specifically for PvP; Paradise Territory, which is exclusively for the co-op maps; Von Bach Industries, Soleptor Enterprises, and Top Notch Toolworks, which are all PvE (world) factions. Each one has a special vendor location where players can spend the Reputation points they earn.

About Contracts

Defiance Contracts

Contracts usually consist of doing things like collecting samples, gathering data, taking out Raiders or 99ers camps, killing a certain number of Hell Bugs, or other similar tasks. They are pretty easy missions that really don’t take a lot of time to finish. And the more you do, the more Reputation you’ll earn and the better items you’ll be able to purchase for your player as rewards.

To find out what contracts are available for you to complete you simply need to head into the menu and go to the goals section. Near the Pursuits area you’ll see a list specifically for contracts. Keep in mind that if you are not at least at EGO rating 100 this will not appear for you. You have to be at level 100 or higher for you to even see the menu because contracts are not available for players under a 100 rating.

The smaller contracts change up every 24 hours. But that is plenty of time to complete them. Most of the quick and easy ones usually give you around 10 Reputation points a piece. Other contracts, which usually involve killing 100+ of a certain enemy type and last anywhere from a couple days to a full week, can payout as much as 50 to 75 rep points each.

What is Reputation?

Reputation is a form of currency that can be used at special faction vendors. These vendors typically sell higher level gear such as weapons, shields, and sometimes vehicles, too. They are usually at least blues but often sell purple (epic) gear as well. The gear you’ll find at these vendors generally have some pretty decent starting stats in terms of damage, accuracy, etc. Some of the gear available will also have synergy bonuses attached, making them even more valuable and useful in-game.

NOTE: The bigger contracts that require killing a ton of enemies can usually be completed pretty quickly by participating in Arkfalls that are related to that enemy type. This works especially well for contracts where you have to kill a ton of Hell Bugs, Scrappers, or even Raiders.

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