Defiance Game Analysis: Overview of Currency

As with pretty much any other MMO out there, Defiance has a few different types of currencies that players can use in-game. Each one is designed to be used for specific item types. The most essential currencies in the game are Scrip, Ark Salvage, and Reputation. There is also one non-essential currency called Bits, which are used to purchase items from the Defiance store.

Defiance Currency

Scrip is the primary form of money in Defiance. It’s used to purchase weapons, armor, grenades, vehicles, and other useful items from vendors. Unless you purchase Bits for your account you’ll also need it to buy lock boxes within the game. You can earn Scrip by doing nearly anything in the game including killing enemies, completing the story missions, completing side missions, participating in Arkfalls, earning medals in challenges, and so on.

The fastest ways to earn Scrip are by doing side missions and selling unwanted gear to vendors. Side missions are pretty short (usually only 5-10 minutes needed each) and pay out a decent amount. There are TONS of side missions for players to take on all over the map. Selling off junk gear adds up quick, too.

Ark Salvage

Ark Salvage is mostly used to attach mods to weapons, add more mod slots to weapons, and to purchase lock boxes. The fastest ways to earn (or farm) Ark Salvage are by doing Arkfalls (these payout the most), challenges, and by breaking down unwanted gear into resources using the Salvage Matrix. Once you get a few decent weapons (blues or better) you should start breaking down all whites and greens. And once you get a set of epic (purple) or orange (legendary) gear you can also start breaking down blues, too.


Reputation is a special currency that is earned by completing contracts. Players can start doing contracts once they reach EGO level 100 (used to be 250). Contracts are given out by the different factions of the game including Von Bach Industries, Soleptor Enterprises, Echelon, Paradise, and Top Notch Toolworks. Once players earn enough reputation for a faction they can then use it to purchase higher-level gear from faction vendors.


Bits are the only currency in Defiance that can’t be earned in-game. They have to be purchased with real-world money via either the Defiance Store in the game menu or by using the game’s official website (if you linked your account). Bits can be used to purchase numerous items including different kinds of in-game boosts, player outfits, vehicles, and various other items.

That’s pretty much it for the different currencies found in the Defiance video game. We’ll soon be writing up more detailed guides on how to earn a lot of each one fast.

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