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7 of the Most Amazing GTA Series PC Mods

GTA Carmageddon

Awesome Grand Theft Auto Mods Once a player is not bound by the limitations of a console and uses a game on a PC this allows the user to play a game in its original form exactly as the developers intended. Seven of the best GTA series PC mods (mods are modifications) are explained below. Any player that needs technical ... Read More »

Beginner’s Guide to Building a Proper Gaming PC

Building a Gaming PC

What Makes People Want To Build Their Own Gaming PC So you’ve bought the latest release, got it home and booted up your PC with your whole day dedicated to some well-earned gaming time. You’re not stupid, you know your computer isn’t “the best” but 20 minutes later, your PC is still noisily loading, updating a load of rubbish, that ... Read More »

Call of Duty: Ghosts Confirmed and PreOrder Bonuses Revealed

CoD Ghosts - The Ghosts are Real

Rumors and “leaks” have been spreading like wildfire over the past week about the new CoD game coming out this year. Finally, after several obvious hype pushes, Call of Duty: Ghosts was confirmed by Activision. The game is set to release on November 5th and is definitely building up a wave of anticipation. Yesterday, a teaser page was put up ... Read More »

Defiance Guide to Getting Purple or Orange (Rare) Gear

Defiance Rare Weapons

The main aspect of Defiance that will make or break your character in either PvE or PvP play is your gear. Weapons, shields, grenades, and the like play an important role in building up the overall power and effectiveness of your build. Most players are used to either purchasing or looting white, green, and blue color-coded items, but the most ... Read More »

Call of Duty: Ghosts Possibly Next CoD Game

Call of Duty Ghosts

In the past week Tesco (a UK retailer) threw up a product page for a new game titled Call of Duty: Ghosts along with some box art of the game itself. The box art has since been removed and the info slightly altered but the page is still there as a placeholder by the look of it. This had most ... Read More »

Defiance: Bullet for a Badman Mission Guide

Defiance Bullet for a Badman Mission Guide

So, we haven’t really done a mission guide for any of the story quests in Defiance yet, but the one we just got through seems to be one that a lot of people get stuck on. And it is quite a bit tougher than most other missions. So, below we’ve outlined the steps to take to complete the Bullet for ... Read More »

Defiance In-Depth: Overview of Major & Minor Arkfalls

Defiance Major Arkfalls

One of the primary objectives throughout the entirety of Defiance is to obtain pieces of alien technology known as Arktech. This tech is gathered by participating in Arkfalls, which are meteor-like objects that fall from the sky the contain the equipment pieces. The game describes these events as being broken bits of Votan spacecraft that were blown up in space ... Read More »

Defiance In-Depth: Completing Contracts & Earning Reputation

Defiance Reputiation and Contracts

There are several forms of currency found throughout Defiance including Scrip, Ark Salvage, Keycodes, and Bits. But, once you reach a level 250 EGO rating, a new money type opens up that is even more valuable called Reputation. This currency can be used to purchase high level, rare weapons and gear from special vendors. NOTE: Your player must have at ... Read More »

Defiance: Scrapper Investigation Pursuit Guide

Scrapper Omnivolt

One of the objectives you have to complete for the Enemy Group pursuits is called Scrapper Investigation. This goal requires that you kill 4 different species of Scrapper and also complete a minor Scrapper Arkfall. This enemy type seems to be pretty uncommon, especially in the beginning stages of the game. In most cases, players will only encounter mutants, Raiders, ... Read More »

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