Defiance Game Analysis: Major & Minor Arkfalls

Some of the most common and rewarding events that players can participate in within Defiance are Arkfalls. These events are described as being remnants of alien ships that were destroyed in space in the past falling to Earth. They resemble meteors or giant crystals and require a lot of effort to crack open. At every Arkfall location players will have to come together to defeat a large group of enemies to obtain possession of the Arkfall to complete the event.

There are both major and minor versions of Arkfalls. Both reward players with tons of experience, Scrip, and Ark Salvage when completed but there are significant differences between them. Below we’ve outlined the key differences and the different types of events you’ll encounter for each one.

Minor Arkfalls

Defiance Revolting Hellbugs Minor Arkfall

Revolting Hellbugs – Minor Arkfall

Minor Arkfalls typically require players to secure just 1 Arkfall and face off against a smaller group of enemies (such as Hellbugs, Raiders, or Scrappers). These are generally pretty simple, straightforward, and require just a few Ark Hunters to complete. They still give you a generous amount of XP and Scrip upon completion but not quite as much as major events provide you with.

Here are the various minor Arkfalls that are found throughout the game:

  • Hellbug Destruction – The most common Arkfall type. Requires players to kill off Archers, Warriors, and other Hellbug types to earn possession of the Arkfall. Usually requires only 3-5 players to complete.
  • Hellbug Uprising – Very similar to the above. Sometimes spawns elite Hellbugs in the mix, too.
  • Mutant Conflict – A basic minor Arkfall involving killing off various mutant-type enemies such as Riflemen, Cleavers, Grenadiers, etc to gain control of the crystal. The Arkfall will break open after killing several waves of mutants. In most cases special, powerful weapons will spawn for players to pick up to deal extra damage to the Arkfall with.
  • Mutant Mayhem – Very similar to the Conflict version. May spawn elite mutants along with normal ones.
  • Raider Decimation – Another basic minor Arkfall type that requires killing off Raiders including Rioters, Blitzers, and Blasters.
  • Raider Destruction – Similar to Decimation but may spawn elite Raiders plus bigger, more difficult enemies such as Tankers or Hulkers along with standard Raiders.
  • Scrapper Disruption – A minor Arkfall type involving basic Scrapper enemies such as Omnivolts, Mongrels, and Nanites.

Major Arkfalls

Defiance Major Arkfall

Major Hellbug Arkfall

Major Arkfalls are much larger events consisting of several Arkfalls, multiple parts, and, usually, 50 or more Ark Hunters in play at the same time. These events are absolutely HUGE. They take time to complete but they are very rewarding. These events take a considerable time dedication and the key to rising the leaderboards is to deal the most damage out of all the other Ark Hunters active in the event.

Here are the different types of Major Arkfalls you’ll encounter in-game:

  • Hellbug Extermination – The most common major Arkfall type in the game. It involves facing off against multiple waves of Hellbugs including a colossal Hellion, a massive creature with 4 huge arms. To take down the Hellion the Ark Hunters must destroy the glands beneath its arms then destroying the Symbiote when it exposes itself.
  • Revolting Hellbugs – Similar to Extermination. Typically spawns a Mature Hellion.
  • Mother of All Hellbugs – The biggest of all the Hellbug-related Arkfalls. This one usually involves quite a few waves of skitterlings, warriors, archers, an occasional Matriarch, and, finally, a Hellbug Matron. Matrons are huge and are the queens of the Hellbug species. These creatures shoot a toxic goop at players that deals considerable damage. A large group of Ark Hunters firing at the Matron at the same time can take it down fairly easily.

Developers will occasionally update the game and some updates may include new Arkfall types. We will update this page as new information is released via patches, DLC, and general updates to Defiance.

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